Home Activities to Keep You Safe and Sane

Home Activities to Keep You Safe and Sane

Make the most out of quarantine with these online resources and home activities



The majority of the global population is holed up in their homes, ourselves included, in one of the most pressing pandemics in history. Most people are adjusting to the recent work-from-home scenario. On the other end of the spectrum are our selfless frontliners, who are helping contain the widespread in our midst. They are the true heroes of this generation.


We all need some form of escapism and entertainment in our lives while we navigate our new normal. If you've exhausted possibilities on Netflix, done your spring cleaning and perfected the trendy Dalgona coffee, here are free online resources and home activities to help keep you sane.


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Take a virtual museum tour

Immerse yourself in the arts without getting off your couch. Amid the temporary closure of tourist attractions while we adhere to community quarantine, there are virtual tours of museums from our bucket lists that are available to all. Places to explore include the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington and the British Museum in London. The Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) in New York is also offering a virtual tour with detailed images of contemporary artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Rousseau and Paul Cézanne on display. While you're at it, tour performing arts centers around the world with Google Arts & Culture.



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Read from Scribd's digital library

Scribd believes that reading is one of the most powerful tools to share the human experience. Access their digital library anywhere for free for the next 30 days. With a wealth of titles—from millions of E-books, audio books, documents and magazines—there's no doubt that you'll stay entertained for the upcoming weeks. Bestselling titles from the likes of Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Agatha Christie are available. Read without limits by signing up here. Don't know where to start? Here are quick recommendations from the Wonder team.


Watch endearing Late Night TV Shows: At Home edition

Parents are learning how to work from home; celebrities aren't exempt from this, much to our delight. Prominent TV hosts have shown solidarity during this time. Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and Jimmy Fallon, a personal favorite (because his kids are the best!) are bringing back authenticity to late night television. With no staff present, Fallon's wife is in charge of the camera (technically, an iPhone) while his sweet daughters lend their art and music expertise for each 20-minute episode. Stars featured also get to highlight their chosen charity to help in meeting coronavirus-related expenses. The DIY webisodes are a much needed reprieve from all the agitating and heavy headlines we now see on our timelines.


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Ease stress and anxiety during these uncertain times with the wealth of resources available on the internet, which are essentially more valuable than an hour of aerobic feed scrolling. Make the most out of all this free time, take up some home activities and keep your sanity intact.



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