How Much Do You Really Know About Sex?

How Much Do You Really Know About Sex?

Here’s a little something to test your knowledge on sexual and reproductive health



Sex is everywhere and nowhere. Everywhere because it’s in our heads, in our pants (ah, urges), on ads we see, in innuendos people use and in pop culture and the media we indulge in. Nowhere because for something that everyone is exposed to at some point during the day and in some way, it’s a no-touch topic. It’s often dismissed as a private, can't-talk-about-it matter, inappropriate or “why the incognito tab was invented.”


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When it comes to sex, sex as in sex appeal trumps sex as in sex ed any day. “Sex, in the sex education format, is something covered most of the time in middle school or high school and isn’t repeated down the line,” shares Dr. Irene Quinio, M.D., a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist and practicing obstetrician-gynecologist at The Medical City. “It’s covered in the particular grade level wherein most girls are expected to have their first menstruation, for example, and once the basics are covered, that’s it.” Quinio goes on to elaborate that while knowledge of the average professional Filipino about reproductive and sexual health is adequate, the sources the general public turns to are not enough. “Beyond what is taught in school, unfortunately, a lot of what people know is from social media, the internet, movies and television,” she says. “The internet is a great learning and search tool, but it’s important also that people don’t just have access to information, but access to the correct information.” And what isn’t searchable on the internet is left to discussions with friends and relatives, risqué movies and TV series or good ‘ol XXX websites.


Here, we implore you, dear reader (who is obviously curious about this stuff since you did click on the headline): how much do you know about sex? Class is back in session.


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