How To Stay Confident This Leo Season

How To Stay Confident This Leo Season

It’s your time to shine



It’s mid-July, which means the sun has moved on from the sensitive and introspective Cancer to the fiery and bold Leo. We spent the past few weeks being attuned to our feelings and embracing every emotion that took over. Cancer season enabled us to nurture ourselves with gentleness. Leo season is here to put us under the spotlight and thrive under the attention. Buckle up, because we’re all about shining bright this season.



Leos are characterized as bold, warm and loving. They have a flair for theatrics and drama, something that pushes them to be characterized as “demanding” and “dramatic.” Leos are often said to be arrogant and self-absorbed, but that’s not true. Leos are just confident and have a strong sense of the self, which will be amplified for the rest of us this season. Just remember that that anything in excess isn’t good for us, so take this as a sign to also be self-aware and self-conscious about how we receive compliments and seek attention.


The fact that Leo is also ruled by the sun, the planet—or rather the star—where we derive our creative force from, pushes us to express ourselves creatively. Work on your passion projects, try a new creative hobby or revisit our favorite artistic outlets. We’re encouraged to quench our thirst for growth like the mighty lion this Leo season, especially channeling their hardworking characteristics to reach it.


Rainy season might be starting for us here in the Philippines but Leo season is still the time to bask in Hot Girl summer: oozing with confidence. Here’s how you can stay in that headspace all season long.


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Express yourself boldly

Leo is outgoing and bold. What’s a better way than to channel this through your appearance? Make a statement, even at home, by dressing up like you’re off to another day in the office or you’re about to live it up at a party. Maybe it’s time for you to cop accessorized and translucent Crocs or live your gingham-cottagecore dreams? In the beauty department, switch up your hairstyle by getting a perm or trying a different hair color altogether. It doesn’t have to be flashy at all. Leo season provides the extra push you needed to take self-expression up a notch in your own terms, as long as it makes you feel yourself all day, ‘err day.


Embrace the spotlight

Since Leo season amplifies the sense of the self, don’t be afraid to shine and to stand out. It’s high time to put yourself on the radar wherever you are, may it be through your art or voicing out an opinion at work. As mentioned earlier, it’s a great time to pursue creative passion projects because of Leo being ruled by the sun, which is the force behind our creativity and the energy where we derive our life’s purpose. When people compliment your skills and your work, thank them. No ifs, no buts; you deserve the recognition that comes your way. Positive affirmations and positive feedback will help you embrace yourself a lot more.


..And share it!

Everyone has a chance to be the protagonist, the main character this Leo season. This means that the people around you will be growing and gaining well-deserved recognition, too. Leo season also makes us prone to manifesting the sign’s characteristics in excess, which can lead to us embodying the “arrogant,” “jealous” and “conceited” traits of Leo. After all, part of the elevated sense of the self is heightened self-awareness and self-consciousness. Remember, everyone deserves to step into the spotlight this season. Be happy for your friends and loved ones and share opportunities the both of you can seize together. 



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Go forth and shine bright this Leo season! Channel your inner lion and roar proudly. Wear your achievements, bask in the spotlight and don’t be afraid to stand out.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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