How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

Because all that screen time and late-night watch parties can’t be good for those peepers



For many of us, we’ve all just been cooped up at home, waiting for the day ‘til things feel “normal” again. So for almost everything that we need, from groceries to news updates and entertainment, we turn to our screens. (Bless you, inventors of these modern day devices that keep us safe and sane.)


But grateful as we are for smartphones and smart TVs that allow us to live virtual lives, staying on them too long can’t be good, especially for the eyes. Honestly though, who could blame us, it’s the only means we have to stay connected with everyone outside the four walls of our homes. So, with this gentle reminder to manage your screen time, come practical tips to take care of those peepers.


Put a warm compress over those lids

Daily is ideal to keep the tear film on your eyes healthy. Apparently, as you get older the Meibomian glands on eyelids that pump oil onto the surface of eyes to keep them moist, diminish. And less oil could mean dry eye or blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid). 


A clean and warm—not hot—compress or washcloth can keep those glands working as they should. Gently press against your lids and leave on for a few minutes.


Eat well, seriously

Don’t wait for regret to come knocking on your door one day. (Sorry, I had to start with that to encourage you to eat vegetables. I know too many people who don’t and it honestly worries me…) Adding food with Vitamins C and E, Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, lutein and zeaxanthin to your diet is definitely good for the body, especially your eyes. Benefits include slowing progression of age-related vision loss, protection from tissue breakdown and a healthy retina. Meanwhile, for sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, you can find them in spinach, kale and eggs.


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Set a screen time limit

Because too much of a good thing can be bad, if I haven’t said that enough. Many smartphones today track how much time you spend on the screen and on which activities. Check your data at the end of each day or week and see what you can do less off and set a screen time limit. (I set mine to a 6-hour daily limit since I work on my laptop most of the day, but only use up maybe 2 to 3 hours.)


While you’re at it, switch on the Comfort View or Eye Comfort feature to minimize damage caused by the blue light from screens.


Keep that healthy vision

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Don’t forget the skin around your eyes

The skin around the eyes are very thin and thereby sensitive to many factors. So if you want to prevent premature wrinkles, puffiness or dark circles, add an eye skin care to your routine. Use products formulated for the eyes and not your regular moisturizer, which might contain irritants. Once you’ve found your Jesus in a bottle, apply the product ever so gently so as not to pull the skin. Please also remember to pat and not rub; this goes for makeup removal, too. And SPF because our eye area needs sun protection as well.



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