The Importance Of Feminine Wash With ph Care

The Importance Of Feminine Wash With ph Care

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You know those awkward moments when a parents sits you down to talk about intimate things—grooming, sex, hygiene? Yeah, that never happened to me. Because while my mother and I now openly discuss restocking pH Care in the bathroom, I mostly had to figure things out myself when I was growing up.


So if you, like me, never had the talk with your parents, let me break down the intricacies of feminine wash now. And if you have a daughter that’s coming of age, please talk to her about it, too. I once had a homeroom teacher talk to my entire class because one of classmates (whom she kindly left unnamed) had…well, a smell; it must have been a little traumatizing.



What is feminine wash?

Feminine wash, such as pH Care, are mild cleansing agents meant to clean female intimate areas. They leave you feeling fresh and keep odors at bay.

Okay, but why not soap?

Unlike Christmas cards, feminine wash isn’t an entirely capitalist agenda. The reason brands like pH Care exist is because our intimate areas require a special formulation. Feminine wash, essentially, helps maintain the natural pH balance while keeping things clean, eliminating itching and—again—helping reduce that smell we all know too well.


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Why pH Care?

I’ve personally been using pH Care ever since I found out the use and need of it. And while it comes in a number of varieties, my favorite has always been the Cooling Comfort (that’s the green one) option. It has ActiveCool®, which gives me that icy fresh feeling that confirms I’m all good down there. And like I said earlier, it helps keep the intimates at a natural pH level, because it itself has a pH level of 5—which means you can use it every day (please use it every day).



Besides, when you take as many showers as you can throughout the day just to keep the sticky feeling on your skin away, you need something that works a little harder (though gentler) for the gentler parts of you.



pH Care Cooling Comfort is so affordable at 6php for their sachet format, only 52php for a 50mL bottle, 164php for a 250mL bottle, and 42php per pack of Cooling Comfort Wipes for instant freshness.



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