Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting A Life Coach

Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting A Life Coach

Feeling a little lost?


To paraphrase a few wise words from the Cheshire Cat, We’re all a little lost here. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 12-year-old girl finally getting her monthly visitor or a 35-year-old man holding his first kid in his hands—we can all use a little help, no matter what stage of life we’re in.


We’re all lost here.


What is a life coach?

To put it bluntly, a life coach is someone who gives counsel and encouragement to his or her clients about pretty much anything. It can be about whether you should jump careers or start getting serious with that person you’ve been seeing for the last three months. It can be about getting into a healthy eating habit and it can be about how you can be a more compassionate individual.


And sure, any old friend or your mother can do that, but life coaches are actually licensed individuals who need to study the practice before actually offering their services. It’s so that they can give you unbiased and actually worthwhile advice.


Why would anyone need a life coach?

Decisiveness is a quality that not everyone has. In fact, many of us have trouble even deciding what to have for lunch (and that’s a choice that only lasts a few hours). So when it comes to choosing between the bigger things in life, it wouldn’t help to get a little conversation going. Life coaches won’t tell you what to do, but they do help silence the several voices in your head in order to focus on what’s really important.


Life coaches are also a great help to people that feel unhappy, want more personal growth and are getting a little too comfortable that they can’t take the first step towards anything.


But do you need one?

Look, we all need a little help, but a life coach is really for those who are too overwhelmed by the lemons being handed (or not handed) to them. If you find yourself having trouble or if you keep going back and forth between one choice and the other, then you should definitely consider looking into getting someone for yourself.


What can you expect?

In one word: Direction—it’s the biggest thing that a life coach can offer you. You’ll talk through everything in order to learn about where you stand, and then even more to try to figure out what direction you want to head towards. You’ll discuss the different routes to get there and which is ideal for your personality and what’s within your capabilities.


If you decide to get the services of a life coach, don’t let the opinions of others influence you; remember that you’re doing it for yourself. They might not understand why you want one, why you think you need one or why you’d pay to speak with someone when you have friends and family surrounding you. But this isn’t about them, this is about you.



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