Let’s Love This Libra Season, As Shown By Our Fave Celebs

Let’s Love This Libra Season, As Shown By Our Fave Celebs

Plus, how to survive the last Mercury Retrograde of the year



Zodiac seasons are changin’ yet again this coming September 22, 2021. The sun shifts from reliable Virgo and aligns with the compassionate Libra. So after the fun of getting it together and overhauling our routines, it’s time for us to work towards keeping the peace and bringing love to the people around us. The scale represents Libra, reflecting their constant openness to different options and their knack for exploring each argument’s other sides.



But again, anything in excess would lead you to manifest the sign’s negative traits. This season invites us to see all sides of a coin, but if you keep considering everything, you might mirror Libra’s indecisiveness. Ultimately, trust your intuition and stand your ground to find the perfect balance.


The last Mercury Retrograde for this year is also happening from September 27 to October 18. It’ll be a rough time as this planet appears to be moving backward for the majority of the szn. As we all know, Mercury Retrograde’s cosmic chaos will be making all our communication channels wonky and prone to mishaps. As a result, information might get skewed along the way. So take time to clarify details and intent, whether it’s about a project at work or resolving conflicts with your friends and SOs. 


Nonetheless, there are more upsides to Libra season. The planet Venus—AKA the planet of beauty, art and love—rules this sign. This szn encourages us to surround ourselves with art and decadent pleasures, whether it’s upgrading your style or finding forever pieces. If Virgo season had us re-adjusting our practices, Libra season tells us to enjoy the process of these habits and to find joy in the little things. Take a long bath. Light scented candles. Cycle through your skincare ritual. Everything that would make us appreciate the steps that make up a regimen—do it. 


According to Astrostyle, Libra is also the sign of interpersonal relationships. That’s where Venus’ love comes in. Make sure that amid all the jumping between messaging platforms and Zoom calls, you genuinely connect with the people that matter to you. Resolve and rehash relationships that have turned sour. Be sensitive to their emotions and compassionate to their struggles. Embody the scale by leaving room for understanding and love, compassion and sensitivity. Who knows, this Zodiac season might just boost your luck with romance if you play your cards right.


Let these celebrities show you how else we can love life, discern properly and enjoy the beauty in everything this Libra season.


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A$AP Rocky

October 3, 1988


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If there’s one Libra that makes sense, it’s A$AP Rocky. Libras are charming, smooth and sophisticated. Next to knowing what to say at the right time, he enjoys a good ol’ self-care ritual and has an eye for all the finer things in life. His style is the picture-perfect example of the balance between chic and streetwear, one we’ll be happily taking advice from for this season and beyond.


Dakota Johnson

October 4, 1989


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Sure, after being mesmerizing in Suspira and a willing submissive in the Fifty Shades franchise, Dakota Johnson had the image of sensuality tacked onto her. But let’s focus on Libra’s sociable traits. It’s noticeable in all of her interviews is that she’s calm and collected but equally chaotic—the two sides of a scale. So, just like Dakota, take extra effort to make the person we’re talking to feel comfortable; just don’t forget to balance it out with humor and active listening.


Bruno Mars

October 8, 1985


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Bruno Mars’s long list of love songs proves that he’s one hell of a romantic, which checks the box in the list of Libra qualities. The Grammy winner-slash-other half of Silk Sonic is known for putting out amazing music that cuts across generations, and bops to make you sing and dance at any given time. He just has that innate ability to make people happy paired with a contagious smile. Make it a point to connect by blasting happy energy (when you can) this Libra season.


Bella Hadid

October 9, 1996


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Of course, great style is the first box Bella checks in the Libra list. Next to that, take notes from her on how to exude Libra’s compassion and sensitivity. She keeps her family and friends close to her heart and empathizes with issues that matter to her. Be like Bella and speak from a place of understanding and openness, but let solid intuition help you stand your ground.


Kim Kardashian West

October 21, 1980


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Were you looking for a textbook Libra? Let us point you in the direction of Kim Kardashian West. Kim’s love for beauty and decadence is evident from the get-go. But her choice to pursue law is very fitting for the sign of the scale. While some might be skeptical of her intentions, Kim was unfazed and continued to use her platform and knowledge for good. It’s a glaring show of Libra’s empathy, one we better encourage throughout this season and beyond.



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The L in ‘Libra’ means for love, not just for people and art but for every beautiful bit of life. So don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers this Libra season!



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