The Low-Down On Yoga; There’s More Than Just One Kind

The Low-Down On Yoga; There’s More Than Just One Kind

There’s something for everyone



Fitness trends may come and go (hello, Hip Hop Abs), but yoga is forever. Some people simply enjoy it, some people think it’s an easy way to get fit and there are others that just love it beyond control. The great thing is, it doesn’t matter where you fall in the spectrum—yoga has something for everyone.


Actually, the great thing is that yoga doesn’t only have physical benefits; it has positive mental and emotional effects as well. Just look at how relaxed this doggo looks.



For the beginner


We must all start somewhere, and the first step to yoga should be a Hatha class. Compared to most other types of yoga, Hatha is slower paced as each pose is held for a few breaths. You can take your time getting into the right balance and you’ll be able to savor what each pose really does for your body. You’ll feel your back stretch and your shoulders fold; you’ll feel your legs and your arms strain under the pressure—but you’ll feel so good doing it.



For the perfectionist


One of the more popular forms of yoga is Asthanga. It’s relatively simple and easy to follow since the poses flow from one to the other very gracefully. The point of it is to build up body heat by repeating the steps and poses several times. It might seem a little on the boring side, but some people like routines and there is just no changing them. And hey, if it works, then it works!



For the movement-obsessed


Vinyasa, on the other hand, is a faster type of yoga that causes your heart rate to rise. The movements and breaths link together in a very dance-like way, so there’s hardly any time to take a breather. And the teachers often play music to match movements to the beat—just don’t expect any top 10 hits.



For the sweat-seeker


Then there is hot yoga, which has a name that speaks for itself. The temperature in the room is intentionally increased so you sweat out everything. Just remember to breathe because you might unknowingly overexert yourself.


Like your teacher will tell you constantly, listen to your body (especially when you’re in that sizzling room).



For the routine-lover


A lot like hot yoga, Bikram is held in a heated room. The difference really is that Bikram yoga consists of a predetermined set of 26 poses and two breathing exercises. Remember: Hydrate!


There are, of course, so many more types of yoga to explore. All you need to do is give thema try and see which works best for you, your mind and your body.


There’s Yin Yoga, which is meant to penetrate deep into your connective tissues, thereby expanding your flexibility. Then there’s also Iyengar, which makes use of different props like blocks, ropes and blankets.


And when you buy yoga classes in bulk, it tends to not be specific for one type of class anyway. So explore your options—they’re virtually endless!



Art Alexandra Lara


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