My First Marie France Experience: EvolveX

My First Marie France Experience: EvolveX

AKA my morning with harsh truths c/o Marie France



For the most part of my life, I have let my body be. I’ve let it grow and shrink as it wants to, with the occasional bouts of yoga and standing exercises, buying clothes that fit me instead of trying to fit into them. (Which, by the way, is why I love wearing dresses; they’re forgiving.) But I’ve been in my thirties for two years now, and my body just doesn’t bounce back as quickly as it used to. So when the opportunity to try EvolveX from Marie France came up, I took it.


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Let’s get the science-y stuff out of the way before we get to the juicy details. The EvolveX technology has been incredibly well received for its immediate results, which happen because it puts together two clinically proven technologies into one procedure. These are the bi-polar frequency and electrical muscle stimulation.


Essentially, the partnering of these two technologies provides fat reduction, skin tightening and muscle toning in one 50-minute session. But the best thing might be that it’s completely hands-free. You lay down on the bed while a machine equipped with smart temperature sensors maintains the preset (and pre-agreed) temperature and intensity. And then you wait and let it do its job.


Oh, and EvolveX can target your problem areas. Whether you want slimmer thighs, a smaller waist or even arms, you have your options available.



So here’s what happened to me. Before anything even happened at the Marie France clinic, someone took me to get my measurements taken—height and weight, sure, but I also stepped on this machine that read everything from my BMI to my fat mass. I then talked to three different specialists who asked me about my daily activities, my food intake and my trouble areas.


I won’t bore you with the embarrassing details, but let’s just say that my daily routine of waking up, working on my desk and having my meals has not been good for me. My numbers were still within WHO’s “normal” range, but the drastic decline of my health and fitness from pre-pandemic to now were a bitch slap to the face that I needed. Someone took measurements of my body.


I have gained 10 pounds; my muscle mass is pathetic. And reliving my daily routine for someone was just excruciating. “I get up at around 8AM, I sit on my desk all day. I smoke, I drink, and I do not exercise.” With this statement, you’d think I would have expected my stats to be the way they were, but it was just different to talk it all through. To be forced to discuss something that you've been burying underneath denial is never a great (albeit necessary) thing.


After I got clearance to actually begin the EvolveX procedure, I was ready for it. Sure, the procedure wasn’t going to turn me into a Victoria’s Secret model, but it was going to help.



The EvolveX procedure was honestly quite relaxing; I think I lucked out with Pao, who facilitated the whole thing for me. She asked me for my comfort levels, and worked me up to the different heat and vibration intensities. When I got to my maximum, the heat was a more-than-warm level and the vibrations that the EvolveX machine were giving foreshadowed the results. I lay there for an hour, with Pao occasionally coming in to check on me and up the numbers on the machine. More heat, stronger vibrations.


By the end of it, I felt relieved. Because before I even took my after-measurements, I already felt it. I felt lighter, like I had just done something good for my body—finally. By the time we were taking numbers again, I had lost an inch off my waist.


And then I got up, thanked everyone, and left the clinic in 15 minutes flat. There is no required downtime (but Marie France does recommend at least one week in between EvolveX sessions).


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Two days after my very first EvolveX session, I still see the results. The pouch of my belly isn’t as pouch-y, and I’ve kept what the professionals told me in mind: Staying home is an enemy I can’t run away from, but movement—any kind of movement—is better than nothing.


Would I do the EvolveX from Marie France again? Yes, I would. It’s not the absolute answer to any of my problems, but the entire process—which includes my talks with medical professionals—offers a holistic approach to getting healthier. It’s not just about the immediate results; it’s about crafting a life that’s a lot more like a lifestyle and less…just being alive.



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