How to Counter the Effects of a Mars Retrograde (Now That We’re Smack Dab in the Middle of One)

How to Counter the Effects of a Mars Retrograde (Now That We’re Smack Dab in the Middle of One)

Sit tight; it’s a long way to August 27



August will test you. August will drain you. August will try your patience. If you’re not careful, that is. According to astrologers, these are just some of the highly possible scenarios brought on by the rare cosmic event taking place this month: Mars entering retrograde.


Across the board—for believers in astrology, mere spectators intrigued by this stuff and even skeptics—the term “retrograde” tends to cause alarm. It’s as though a planet in retrograde is a PSA from the universe to brace yourself and get ready for your life to be knocked off-kilter. On the surface, however, all this means is that a planet looks like it’s deviating from its natural orbit (in reality, of course, it doesn’t). And in Mars’ case, the planet appears to be moving west to east instead of east to west.


Still, it is believed that planetary movements such as this have a direct impact on activity on Earth. And in the grand scheme of astrological things, this is tantamount to a shift in a person’s mood, attitude and use of energy. It also touches on the increased likelihood that particular life events will happen and, on the flip side, the hindrance of some others.



All planets are capable of entering retrograde (multiple planets are in retrograde as we speak!) and each one has a corresponding effect on various aspects of life like work, love, sex, and ambition. As far as horoscope-loving, zodiac sign-following humans are concerned, awareness and preparation are all it takes to curb certain side effects. So, what exactly are we dealing with as Mars goes into retrograde?


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What’s Up, Mars?

The keywords for Mars (the fiery planet, ruler of Aries and co-ruler of Scorpio) are energy, action, and desire. “Mars represents passion and progress,” says astrologist Kelly Surtees. “And when Mars doesn’t move, it can be harder to keep up a fast pace. Instead, the message from the cosmos is one of taking a pause. You’re cordially invited to slow down and step back.”


An uncommon event, Mars only goes into retrograde every two years and it lasts about ten weeks at a time. “[It’s] like a once in two year chance to catch up with yourself,” says Surtees. “Are you in touch with your passions? Are you acting from a place of genuine desire and drive, or have you fallen into old habits? Are you operating on autopilot or are you truly present and aligned with your choices?” She adds: “Since Mars is also the planet of frustration, impatience, and anger, it’s possible that you might experience more than your fair share of irritations in the next two months.”


Know Your Events


Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

Date: June 26

The perfect time to sort through existing anger issues, bottled up frustrations, grudges and conflict in your relationships. Furthermore, this is the best time to practice assertiveness.



Mars Retrograde Enters Capricorn

Date: August 12

Distractions are expected to run high around this time of the month. This butts head with an increased drive to get things done. Don’t forget, though, to plug rest and recuperation into that schedule and remember: not all things that keep you busy are productive or altogether necessary.



Mars Direct in Capricorn

Date: August 27

Mars is expected to move in its original, direct motion again, which means this is the best time to tackle things head-on and keep your eyes on the prize. Success is on the horizon.


It’s in the stars: August calls for rest, a reassessment and some serious regrouping. For starters, temper those emotions and let your head take the lead. August is not the time to let feelings go unchecked let alone run the show. In the process, revisit those wants and needs and resolve to make do without things that do not improve the quality of your life and your relationships. The hope is to pull through and jump into September with fresh eyes, feeling lighter and feeling reenergized.


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