Stillness, Changes and the In-Betweens: This is Us in the New Normal

Stillness, Changes and the In-Betweens: This is Us in the New Normal

Here's to thriving, surviving and keeping our health in check in the new normal



We’ve made it to one year in quarantine, folks!


A bittersweet milestone if there ever was one, it’s been a polarizing 365 days and then some. It seems the pandemic, an abstract vortex of days smudging into months, is the textbook example of tough love. It’s taught us lessons—some with time, and others the hard way—that the fast-paced everyday we once knew would have glossed over. 


The pandemic, and the new normal it's brought with it, has looked different for each one of us. For some, it’s been a year of stillness; for others, a year of change.


Freelance photographer Tarish Zamora, for instance, moved to La Union some time before the pandemic. Between shooting for clients and morning surf sessions, she spends her days as a freelance fitness instructor. Ben Opinion, once a social channels strategist for a telecom corporation, has seen his fair share of change, too. Like many a creative, Ben has gone freelance—but balances his career with his pursuit of a law degree. 


Actress Miel Abong, who has been performing as an actress since 2001, has returned to being an aspiring actress. “2020 exhausted me,” shares Miel in an Instagram entry. “I began that year hoping to have my sabbatical, but I guess the Universe had other plans.” A greater calling called, ultimately snowballing into an opportunity to for Miel to train young actors via virtual workshops.



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“Pre-pandemic, full-time copywriter ako. Musician on the side,” shares Migi de Belen, who releases music under the name Nights of Rizal. While his job description might not have changed, he admits, “Hindi ko na alam kung alin du'n yung part-time tsaka ano ‘yung full-time eh.


For content producer and managing director Julo de Guzman, change has manifested in other forms. Just last month, he popped the question and got engaged. 


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Despite the differences in our everyday, there’s a sameness that ties us together through these twelve months: the need to stay strong and watch out for ourselves. As our country crawls towards collective recovery, we have a duty to keep our health in check in the meantime. 


“Now that I'm an adult, aside from having more responsibility, there's that sense of responsibility to yourself,” stresses Ben. “Kailangan maging mas matibay ka para sa mga kasama mo sa buhay.”


That sense of responsibility can take shape in the simple things. For Julo and Tarish, this means hitting the brakes when the body needs rest. For Migi, this means sticking to a balanced diet. According to Miel, keeping her body clock in check, eating right, and nourishing her body vitamins has been a foolproof trifecta. 


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