Meet The Sports Bra That Might Just Solve Your Everyday Woes


April 4, 2020
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Comfort, support and more—Nike offers innovative solutions

Every girl needs that piece of apparel that works just as hard as you and I do. One that’s comfortable to wear during workouts or underneath everyday clothes and offers support that doesn’t diminish just after a few wears. Yep, we’re talking about the sports bra and every girl knows how a good one can be life-changing.

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Though I prefer pad-free sports bras, I like having the option to put them back in depending on the need or workout. But taking them out through tiny holes and then inserting them back can be frustrating AF. It’s quite a challenge to get them in the right place, too—more so after washing. The pads are either misplaced in the wash or come out misshapen. Nike’s solution? The Nike Swoosh One Piece Pad (P1,695). The slightly thicker, top-loading singular pad can easily be inserted or removed. It’s also molded and edited by size that once it hits a certain bracket, the fabric used is made stronger to ensure optimal support. 


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Raise your hands if you’ve had to power through a workout with underboob sweat and a soaking wet bra. Same… Fortunately, Nike has a solution for that, too: the Nike Ultrabreathe Sports Bra (P3,095). Lightweight and moisture-repelling, this spanking new piece of innovation uses sweat-mapping to see where we women typically sweat and need more breathability. Such areas use new engineered mesh while the whole bra is constructed in light, medium and strong iterations to ensure support. Just make sure to get the right size so the mesh band doesn’t roll up.

Now, which sports bra solution is the answer to your woes?

Art Matthew Fetalver

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