Why We’re Jumping On The Fitness Train With NT Summer Equinox This Year

Why We’re Jumping On The Fitness Train With NT Summer Equinox This Year

NT Summer Equinox is back—and we’re all for it



Just when you thought you could revel in the cold breeze of the early year, summer reminds us that it’s right around the corner—with a slightly harsh cloudless sky. But while we pack away our sweaters and put our summer pieces at the forefront of our closets, let’s not forget that summer also means the pressures of the dreaded summer bod.


We say: Fuck the summer bod. There’s no real point in losing a bit of weight if you’re in it for that Instagram photo. The thing is, the season also means some great fitness deals that are just waiting to be taken. But we don’t want short-term; we want something sustainable.


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Fortunately for us, NT Summer Equinox is back and for its second year.


As a four-week program curated and designed by wellness and lifestyle coach Nikki Torres, the goal of NT Summer Equinox is to help its participants establish fitness and wellness habits that can be carried on throughout the entire year. And because you’re making connections with everyone else around you, you’re becoming part of a community that shares these goals.


As they say, one for all and all for one.


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Last year, the four weeks consisted of a nutrition talk from Nikki, a Ride Revolution class with Ida Paras, Calisthenics at Calibarzz and a major session of NT Sweat. Thirty-one participants took part in all the festivities, which were about more than just trendy workouts and breaking into a sweat. It was about getting a more positive outlook at fitness, becoming genuinely hooked and opening you to the different possibilities and aspects of health.


This year will follow the same four-week calendar—but think bigger, in all aspects.


Week 1: Nutrition Workshop

On March 2, Nikki Torres will once again take the stage with a holistic nutrition and wellness discussion. This year, we’re talking about actually Eating For Health, instead of filling in that usual timeslot within our day.


Week 2: Pound Fitness Class

March 9 means a pound class with Marge Camacho. If it doesn’t sound familiar to you, imagine this: you holding drumsticks, dancing to the beat of the music and letting out all your frustrations and energy—while slamming the drumsticks, of course.


Week 3: Mystery Workout

Now we clearly don’t know what’s going down on March 16 because it’s a mystery workout. But we heard from a little bird that it’s going to be a little intense. You ready to bring your A-game?


Week 4: NT Sweat

As it was last year, NT Summer Equinox Year 2 will end with a session of NT Sweat, this time at The Island. It sounds innocent enough, but it packs a punch you might not see coming if you’re ill-prepared.


From Nikki Torres herself, NT Sweat is a toning and dance cardio workout that gets your entire body moving. And while it does beat you in all the good ways that exercising does, it’s still beginning-friendly. You move how you can move, until where you can—as long as you keep moving.


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Want in?


The lottery for NT Summer Equinox opens at midnight on February 15. All you have to do is drop your details at the website and you’re (hopefully) in. Those lucky enough to be drawn will be contacted and can secure their slots by paying the ticket price.


Anyone can join and dozens of names will be drawn. What’s the harm in trying? You’re doing it for you anyway.


Check out NT Summer Equinox to input your details and join the lottery!



Art Macky Arquilla


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