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NT Summer Equinox Finishes The Only Way We Know How: With NT Sweat

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NT Sweat with none other than Nikki Torres herself



Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I’m not one to hit the gym, the boxing ring or the pavement for a run. They’ve given up asking me to join them on their weekend afternoons whenever the plan requires physical activity. It’s just the way I am, I guess; so it’s funny that something like NT Summer Equinox would fall on my lap.


Maybe it was the world telling me something.


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The first week was about health, nutrition and eating right. The second was a pound class and the following week was a fluid steel workout. When it came to the fourth week, NT Summer Equinox participants learned the importance of speed and strength with Adidas Runners Manila. But the finale of the program was, of course, NT Sweat with Nikki Torres.


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Here we go with the gratitude posts! . Working with Red Bull Music 3 Style Champ @markthompsonofficial WAS. A. BREEZE. We barely had to communicate verbally because…let’s just say he has great taste in music. 😆 Such an honor to share the stage with you, Mark! . And of course, #TheBADDESTTeam the ladies and gents of #NTSweat! LOOK. AT. YOU. Look at us! ✨ This isn’t everyone and I know, without going through the attendance, who exactly were missing. And they were definitely missed. . There’s a family you’re born with. And then there’s a family you choose. I choose you guys, every fucking day. 🙏🏼 . Read more about the party that went down yesterday on a blog post that (guess what?) isn’t mine. Written by one of my girls, @infinitesundays, for her blog KoalatyWife. Hit the link in my bio. . First of a string of posts to appreciate each and everyone who helped make this magic happen. Sit tight. . Last photo from @nickymosqueda . #GoWellSummerEquinox #adidasph #HonestbeePH #WonderMagPH #EspnW #ChooseGood #TheIslandPH #WeNTSweat

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Held at The Island in BGC, you knew walking in that it wouldn’t be an ordinary afternoon—even for NT Summer Equinox. And with the sounds of DJ Mark Thompson greeting you before anything else, it was clear we were all in for a workout we wouldn’t forget.


When Nikki took the stage, everyone cheered. It was finally time for NT Sweat, a workout designed by the woman behind our summer fitness program. She started things off relatively simply, with a reminder to listen to our bodies and not to push more than we could take. She told everyone to cheer, laugh and breathe throughout.



The afternoon of NT Sweat was tiring, but the energy was high. Everyone welcomed the water breaks, but didn’t miss a second when Nikki started things up again. It was about working the core, the back, the legs, the arms—and how to work them right. There were cardio exercises, some yoga poses, a lot of jumping around and a feel of success and pride at the end of the session.


And thank God that Nikki kept true to her promise; she presented variations of the poses and exercises, much to the gratefulness of a noob like me.


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It’s easy to say that the NT Summer Equinox program is like any other, but anyone that says so just really doesn’t understand what it offers its participants. You’re with the same people week in and week out and there’s a sense of camaraderie that builds when you sweat next to the same person over and over again. There’s an air of friendship and openness when you hear someone cheer (not necessarily for you, but it feels like it anyway). And when you wrap things up, there’s just nothing like that belief that you finished something that, just a few hours ago, daunted the shit out of you.



I’m not one to assume, but I’m certain that Nikki Torres, NT Summer Equinox and NT Sweat will continue on for another year. As long as there’s a need for a community like this one—of which, there will always be a need—then there’s no worry.


Really, all you have to do is take that first step.



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