An Open Letter To Scalpers: Y’all Are Getting On My Nerves

An Open Letter To Scalpers: Y’all Are Getting On My Nerves

But I’m trying to understand you



Dear scalpers,


Y’all are getting on my nerves.


It’s been a few days since a screenshot between a client and a scalper went viral. In the conversation, a scalper charged P10,000 per ticket to UP Fair Saturday: Cosmos when it only costs P200 for non-UP students. Walk-ins get charged P300, so I’m not sure where the five-digit markup came from. While I admit the lineup is star-studded, with the likes of Ben&Ben and The Itchyworms headlining, it doesn’t make sense to multiply the price 50 times. Maybe it’s some misguided school spirit or actual disbelief, but I don’t understand scalpers taking advantage of a student-run and student-centered event like this. Look, scalpers have always been a thing during the yearly UP Fair, but this one takes the cake.



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Everyone knows that your job consists of claiming slots from eager fans who deserve the spot tenfold. You guys also capitalize on the artist’s need to see and perform for their fans. But putting a student-run and advocacy-based show in the same line as concerts that earn millions—I’m personally not letting this slide. Students already take time out of their busy schedules to make this possible. Imagine studying for class all the while having to make this possible down to the smallest detail. It’s so easy to inflate the value as you please. Still, you’re taking away the hard work of everyone trying to make UP Fair accessible, not only for students but eager audiences who see it as the most affordable way to see their favorite acts IRL. The least you can do is leave this one out of your sticky business.


I’ve always come to accept that your job is part and parcel of live productions and products everyone is willing to pay for. No matter what measures ticketing services place, some of you still manage to cop items—mostly tickets—and sell them for double to quadruple the price. All this for a fast and quick profit. Wherever the crowds flock, you follow, hoping to find desperate enough souls who’ll bite the bullet and pay what you want. And with the times being so tough, I still really try to understand you. After all, everyone’s trying to get by in a world where onion prices continue to skyrocket. Some of us hang onto such means just to earn enough.



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I can’t exactly will for your disappearance, even if that would entail restoring equilibrium in ticketing affairs and getting a spot without breaking a sweat. You will still earn my ire when you claim spots ahead of deserving fans and sell it for way too much. I will still root for ticketing providers and services to put more anti-scalping measures in place and, eventually, catch you in the act. But until then, I hope that people refuse to bite that five-digit price you’re offering.



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Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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