It’s Taurus Season; Here Are Our Favorite Bulls

It’s Taurus Season; Here Are Our Favorite Bulls

There’s more to Taurus season than being hard-headed



In astrology, it’s believed that as the sun orbits, it aligns to a certain zodiac sign. The period it spends in the area of each sign around the Zodiac wheel might affect our energies and behaviors, pushing us to channel traits of the highlighted sign. Hence, the different “seasons.” So even if you’re a textbook Gemini, there’s a big chance that you’ll manifest signs of a fiery and passionate Aries when their season comes every mid-March to mid-April. You get the gist.


But now, we’re in the middle of the second season of the astrological year. (There are 12 all in all.) The sun has finally aligned with Taurus, shining the spotlight on the reliable Bull or one out of the three Earth Signs.



If Aries season was all about go-getting, Taurus season has us taking it slow and looking for stability, for grounding. Stay dedicated and hard-working for your plans to come true. Coming from the fire of Aries, Taurus szn ushers in a change of pace as we carefully turn ideas into plans. Don’t be afraid to take it day by day, breaking down the process into practical steps. According to AstroStyle, don’t mistake calmness with passivity. If there’s something worth fighting for, go ahead and charge at it headfirst! 


Part of Taurus season is allowing yourself to bask in earthly pleasures. This sign is also ruled by the sensual planet Venus, which manifests in the Bull’s love for comfort and luxury. Splurge and cap off the weekend with a pricier bottle of bubbly or another scented candle haul. Take time to finally deep clean your spaces and areas; surround yourself in your own definition of luxury. Need tips? Channel our favorite bulls this Taurus season.


Jessica Lange

April 20, 1949



Jessica Lange might just be the blueprint for Tauruses. She’s not afraid to experiment with different roles yet she remained consistent with her craft, which landed her quite a career. She isn’t afraid to stand by her opinions and decisions, too, as seen in her exit from American Horror Story. “I have no regrets or second thoughts about that decision.” She said in an interview with Deadline. “But there’s always an end to everything.”


Gigi Hadid

April 23, 1995 



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In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2020, Gigi mentions her sun sign possibly being the reason as to why she says she’s always been the same. Tauruses are a fixed sign: they put consistency and reliability first. Take the time to listen to what your surroundings are telling you, the practices that have served should remain in your routine. 



April 27, 1988



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Just take a look at how this Taurus celebrated her birthday! Tap into the more luxurious and opulent parts of the self this season. Treat yourself and make yourself feel good, whether it’s an extensive self-care routine or checking out some items sitting in your cart. Be like Lizzo and make yourself feel Good As Hell.


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James Reid

May 11, 1993



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Channel the Taurus’ dedication and their steadfast nature that brings them places. Just take a look at James Reid: his move to veer away from the proverbial artista path manifested a passion for his art and he made it happen. Now, he makes music on his own terms and is at the helm of one of the country's youngest labels



May 16, 1993



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Sometimes, the Bull is perceived as stubborn, especially when their dedication is seen as too much. But don’t let that stop you, because it’s this drive that makes them so admirable. IU’s unwavering determination, despite her unsuccessful debut, carved a path of success for her. Now, she’s one of South Korea’s favorite acts, with a wonderful discography and filmography to prove it.



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May these Tauruses inspire you to channel your inner Bull through the rest of the season!



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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