The Search For The Perfect Bra

The Search For The Perfect Bra

Is there really such a thing as the perfect bra?



For many years, I had a been a strong advocate of #FreeTheNipple, because why wear a bra? Is it really necessary? For a person with a chest not too big or small, the bra was another social construct that hindered female progress. But since becoming a mom, I’ve changed my tune. I still support the movement, but it no longer applies to my own body as it continues to change. Now more than ever, I realize the importance of a good support system. 


So does the perfect bra exist? No, at least not in my own experience. Part of the challenge is the absence of standard sizing because let’s be real, you and I might have one or two different bra sizes from different retailers (read: I have three). But the struggle also comes from not always knowing how to check for the best fit.


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There’s so much to consider when shopping for this undergarment—band, breast volume, shape—that it has become quite a chore. So my purchase is often based on what feels right in the fitting room. As our body changes when we get our period, go through pregnancy, or put on or lose some weight, our bra size naturally changes. Yes, there’s some science to think about, but the bra that makes it to your closet is the bra with the most supportive fit in the time of need.



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If I may borrow from Avon’s newest ambassador for intimate apparel, Pia Wurtzbach, “home is comfort.” And that’s the feeling she gets with Avon; she feels supported in whatever she does and feels comfortable being herself. So just in case you’re looking to restock wardrobe essentials, consider Avon’s latest range of bras (and panties) in cool nude shades created to complement Filipinas’ skin tone. Plus, it's made with the same high-quality fabrics designed to embrace your body comfortably.


And when I say comfortably, I mean the band doesn’t ride up, the straps and wires don’t dig into your skin or sides, and the cups are able to accommodate breasts evenly. Don’t look for perfection because it likely doesn’t exist. Instead, pick the bra that makes you (and your breasts) feel right at home in your own skin.



Shop Avon Intimate Apparel Nudes via, Avon’s official Shopee and Lazada stores, or your trusted Avon representative.



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