What Every Woman Should Know: pH Care Shares the Care about Feminine Care and Hygiene

What Every Woman Should Know: pH Care Shares the Care about Feminine Care and Hygiene

pH Care brings the conversation on feminine health and hygiene closer to Filipinas



PH Care and are paving ways and creating avenues to educate young Filipinas on how to take better care of themselves and their feminine health. Last September 9, pH Care held their #ShareTheCare event in partnership with at the TriNoma Activity Center.


Hosted by vlogger and student, Janina Vela, the event emphasized the importance of sharing knowledge on feminine care and pinpointed facts as well as misconceptions on the topic.



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Vela was joined by brand ambassadors, Shaira Diaz, an actress and video creator and Jen Barangan, a TikTok creator and YouTuber. The three acted as big sisters and guides throughout the whole event as they shared experiences, which so many girls could relate to. (Yes, we’re talking about those questionable Filipino myths and superstitions about what to do when you first get your period.)



The event had everything a girl could want—accessible information on the feminine area, interactive activities, consultations with gynecologists, and of course, like-minded women who weren’t afraid to ask questions.


Grace Benedicto, the Assistant Brand manager of pH Care, gave a few words and pointed out that six out of 10 young Filipinas don’t know how to take care of their femine area. Because of this, pH Care has made it a point to talk about these “hush hush” topics and made it a priority to educate young Filipinas. Who says it’s TMI (too much information) when everyone goes through it?



Ms. Grace David, the Chief Executive Officer of, also expressed that feminine care should be a comfortable topic for every Filipina to talk about, learn and explore. Because the focus of the education technology platform ( is learning, they explore ways to make learning more joyful and fun. She also mentioned that learning can be gamified and done in barkadas—and the Share the Care event was a prime example of that.



Share the Care was true to its goal of educating young women, as they invited Dr. Fabrienne Calipara, the founder and clinical director of Fully Psych Mental Health Services to answer the big questions that every girl wants to know. Dr. Calipara mentioned the importance of “being there for someone” whenever they’re ready to talk about it. She also talked about how people should counter negative and false media messages. In this digital age, we definitely need to! Calipara also highlighted the significance of positive friendships and how they can be good influences if they are on the same page of wanting to take care of themselves.


Lastly, we won’t ever get tired of saying this, but you have to love yourself. Dr. Fabrienne  brought up that you can love yourself by avoiding harsh ingredients in terms of feminine care and hygiene. Remember, TLC is especially important for feminine health.


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As every woman deals with feminine health, it’s important to create safe spaces to talk about these topics and normalize these types of conversations, which is exactly what this in-person event by pH Care and did. The team behind Share the Care reconnected with people face-to-face to openly and comfortably discuss the topic and have highlighted that this is something you don’t have to be ashamed to ask about.


To every Filipina out there, this community’s got you!


To learn more about #ShareTheCare campaign,visit


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Words Julia Makalintal

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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