How’s the Hair Down There? A Look Into Pinoy Down-There Grooming Habits

How’s the Hair Down There? A Look Into Pinoy Down-There Grooming Habits

Are you a trimmer, shaver, waxer, or jungle grower? Here are pubic hair grooming habits you can do.



Growing up, I knew I would constantly thread my eyebrows, wax my armpits, shave my legs. It was a matter of both preference (I love when people love their body hair, but I’d be lying if I said I felt that way about my own) and exposure (these were what my mother and older sister did). Adding the thread-wax-shave trifecta to my mental checklist labeled “things I want to do when I grow up” was but a natural reaction, really.  Here are pubic hair grooming habits you can do.


When Brazilian waxes came into the picture, though, it was fueled mostly by curiosity.


Here’s a flashback for ya. I distinctly remember waiting for my turn to get my eyebrows threaded at a waxing salon years ago. The space was cramped and the walls green, lined with frames containing hand-written feedback from customers who had taken the big leap to go bald eagle. It was at least nine years ago, but the feedback was… convincing to say the least. I mean, statements like “I’ve never felt so comfortable” and “sex all day with my boyfriend (woohoo!)” can really get a high school student thinking (and blushing).


In my last year of college, I ended up trying it out myself. While the timing conveniently fit right before a warm-weathered European trip aboard a cruise, it was prompted mostly by sheer curiosity. I still remembered all that feedback years back, and by then, I had a few friends who would regularly groom the situation down south.


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But like any skincare routine or beauty practice, everyone has their own approach to pubic hair grooming habits. Naturally, Wonder took this as our cue to do some exploring. What are the “down there” grooming habits of Filipino men and women? Is there a norm? Why do people do it or why don’t they?


We’ve got the answers (and some pretty funky aliases for our respondents) up ahead.


First thing’s first, do you groom the hair down there?

Do You Groom? - A Look Into Pinoy Pubic Hair Grooming Habits | Wonder


Wonder reached out to 30 males and females between the ages of 18 to 29. Out of the pool of 30, 25 said that they either trim, wax or shave their pubes. The remaining 5 choose to let nature take its course.


Now that that’s established, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!


What is your preferred hair removal or grooming method?

Preferred Method - A Look Into Pinoy Pubic Hair Grooming Habits | Wonder


Among the 25 respondents who do groom the hair down there, 15 prefer to get snippy and trim. When pressed for their reasons, most revealed they prefer this because it’s painless and easy enough to do on their own. Respondent Pink Panther, who has tried all three methods, shares that he prefers trimming because of the regrowth process: “While waxing or shaving feels great for a few days, I hate the rough and irritating feeling when hair starts to grow back again.”


In a surprising turn of events, only 3 people selected waxing as their default grooming method. It’s the most thorough and keeps the area cleaner for a longer period, after all, but the biggest setbacks come from the price and pain of getting professionally waxed. Respondent J, who selected trimming as her go-to groom, shares that she occasionally goes for waxes, but only when she knows she’ll be hitting the beach.


Forgive the choice of emoji, but the electric plug up there represents the faction that prefers to shave, whether with the run-of-the-mill shaver or an electric razor. Their reasons lie similar to those who like to trim: it’s simple, it’s cheap and it’s painless.


Let’s talk frequency: how often do you groom?

Like shaving, waxing or plucking any other body part, the frequency of the process all boils down to preference and method. Out of the 25 respondents who keep their pubes in check, 4 do it twice a month, 7 do it once a month, while one grooms every other month. The remaining respondents only clean up when they have to, whether it’s for a seaside escapade or, y’know, a sexcapade.


Let’s get specific: when and why did you start grooming down there?

Don’t we all love a good origin story? When asked about when and why they started to shave, wax or trim, most respondents traced their beginnings to their teenage years or early twenties. Some owe their story to good-natured curiosity, others owe it to general discomfort, while 3 mentioned that it would bother them when their hair peeked out of swimsuits or got caught in their underwear garters.


Out of the 25 respondents, 6 mentioned sex as their motivation. Out of these 6, most did it of their own volition, 2 did it because their partners preferred it and 1 mentioned that she was pressured into it by her partner. (A little bit of a detour, but this should go without saying: your body is yours. Whether you go completely bald or keep things wild and hairy, let it be a choice you make.)


For those who don’t groom, why don’t you?

Why Don't You Groom? - A Look Into Pinoy Pubic Hair Grooming Habits | Wonder


On to the other school of thought! Among the 5 non-groomers, 2 are male and 3 are female.


What are their reasons? Here’s a breakdown: 0 singled out cost as a reason, 1 considers maintenance too time-consuming, 1 fears the pain or discomfort of hair removal and regrowth, 2 don’t bother because they know nobody is going to see their pubes anyway. 1 credited all these reasons.


Would you ever consider trimming, waxing or shaving? What would convince you to do so?

They might not be committed to any hair removal practices just yet, but all 5 respondents expressed that they would be willing to give it a shot. Each had their reasons: 1 would do it for the sake of the swimsuit, while 3 would do it for better sex or if their partner preferred it. Meanwhile, respondent Banana’s consideration was anchored on curiosity. She says, “I would, just to experience it. Maybe it's more comfortable without it?”


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And that’s where this whole article is going, really: the only way for respondent Banana to find out would be to try things for herself and see how she likes a less hairy situation down south.


Most Filipinos in their late teens to thirties prefer doing a little cleaning, but there remains a faction who let go and let grow. At the end of the day, whether you prefer to trim it, shave it, wax it or leave it, whether you choose to ride the wave of body hair acceptance or simply prefer a smooth finish, the choice is one you should have the luxury of making for yourself. Consider it the most private form of self-love (literally).



Art Alexandra Lara

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