The Saturn Return: How It Affects All Of Us

The Saturn Return: How It Affects All Of Us

The sobering reality that is the Universe’s wakeup call



In 1999, on the eve of the millennium, my then boyfriend broke up with me, quite suddenly in my book. All of a sudden my world crumbled and for the first time in my life, I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. This wasn’t the first break up in my life nor was I totally clueless to the world. I was 29 years old and I should’ve been fine. But I wasn’t.


I was broken. For three straight days I could neither eat nor sleep. For me, even the walls of the room we once shared was crying in anger, in protest, in sadness. I packed a bag and for what was probably a blur of two weeks, I wandered aimlessly through my life, wondering how to get back to me.


Needless to say, through six straight months of solid depression and 30 pounds lost I started to recover. My life began to fall back into place and eventually I found my way back—I had my friends back, a new career and a new love. Most of all, I found a new confidence in me and inner peace that nothing the Universe could throw at me could break.


What I went through is called “The Saturn Return.” As defined in Wikipedia, “In horoscopic astrology, a Saturn return is an astrological transit that occurs when the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a person’s birth.” This sobering wakeup call marks the crossover of a major threshold in life. These periods are estimated to occur roughly at 27-31, 56-60 and then again at 84-90 (if you’re lucky to live that long).


If you find yourself in going through your Saturn return here are a few things to remember:



Don’t be afraid to let go.

If there is a time in your life to embrace change, this is it. If a relationship isn’t working or you’re unhappy with your job, or there are people who aren’t a good influence in your life, say goodbye.


Take a look inside yourself.

The time for the soul-searching cliché is now. Reflect. Shannon Kaiser (@shannonlkaiser) put it best: “Where our mind drifts to the most is often where our heart is…What will be revealed is a clearer sense of purpose.”


Trust yourself to make the right decisions.

Stop saying to yourself, “It will happen when it’s bound to happen.” Stop letting others or the Universe toss you around. Set your goals and go after them, now.



The Saturn Return can and will turn your world upside down. But, as you will learn in this period of your life, things get worse before they can get better. And when you emerge from your metaphorical rebirth, there will be nothing to fear in this life.


Get ready for the ride of your life.



Words Ene S. Lagunzad

Art Alexandra Lara

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