5 Sleeping Essentials for Quarantine

5 Sleeping Essentials for Quarantine

From a toxic relationship with insomnia, we’re switching to something healthier with these sleeping essentials



Twelve months ago, I started noticing that my sleeping habits had changed. Once in bed by 10 in the evening, I found myself still scrolling through my phone at midnight—not even on my own bed, as I hadn’t moved from putting my niece to sleep in hers. I chocked it up to knowing I could wake up later, that there was no longer a commute ride home to tire me out and knock me into unconsciousness.  


I thought it made sense. But then I started to wake up in the middle of the night with no other stimulus than the thoughts running through my mind. The situation wasn’t the direct problem; it was how I was reacting to it. 


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Insomnia in itself is believed to be genetic, but it’s also very closely linked to anxiety. And these days, insomnia and anxiety seem to be more consistent in our lives than those only-when-we-need-to grocery runs. But how do we solve it? With the help of some sleeping essentials, of course. 


An app that cuts your screen time

Thirty minutes before you plan to close your eyes, close all screens—on your phone and the television—and rely on the good old things: a little music, a book or some conversation. There are several apps that help us cut our screen times, and you just need to find the right one for you.


We suggest looking up Moment, ZenScreen or OFFTIME


A blanket that hugs you like a lover

There’s a reason there’s been an increase in sales of weighted blankets during the past year: they work. They help calm you down by limiting your movements and there’s just something calming about feeling as if you’re being held as you drift off to sleep—without the actual discomfort of sharing the bed with someone.



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Pro tip: Do make sure you lower the temp on the AC when you use it; it can get a little warm under there. 


Essential oils that take you away

Here’s another quarantine trend that deserves its spot: essential oils. While different aromas target productivity, better skin and pain relief, we’re talking about sleep right now.


The best essential oils that help promote sleep (and rest) include lavender, chamomile, bergamot, jasmine and peppermint. Rub a few drops on certain parts of your body—the chest, wrist, neck, forehead, hands, feet—light aromatherapy candles, use a diffuser or even just add some oil into a boiling pot of water and let the steam from it surround your room.


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An easy pill to swallow

If you want the sleep without all the fuss, you can always opt to take something like TRIZIE, which is a dietary supplement that supports healthy sleep. It has L-Theanine and Pharmagaba, which help lighten your mood, as well as various antioxidants to relieve stress and anxiety.



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Best part? You can order it online


And at last, let’s see some light

Sorry to those that like to live in dark rooms and caves, but light is actually a really big factor when it comes to adjusting our body clocks. So put away those overly thick curtains and allow the light in—literally. So you don’t end up burying yourself under your weighted blanket when the sun starts to seep in. 


And while you’re up while the sun is, take a step outside and let the rays hit your body for a while, too.




We usually toast to long weekends, holidays and a new series to binge. But for now, we’re toasting to the hope of better sleep ?



Art Alexandra Lara


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