A Brief Exercise on Sensory Deprivation and Self-Love

A Brief Exercise on Sensory Deprivation and Self-Love

The ultimate wellness getaway with SNAILWHITE



Buoyed in gleaming water on a sunlit Saturday afternoon at The Farm in San Benito, I was honest-to-God grateful for life (in general), but I was itching to get out of the water—and look at my phone. I know, it's not every day that I get to have a “holistic wellness experience” in a sought-after five-star resort frequented by local celebrities. So, I swim a few more laps, take it all in and float.


This is the closest I can get to a sensory deprivation experience—detached from all responsibilities and be fully present. (Unfortunately, there was A+ wi-fi all over, but I did my best to purge all BV and carry out a digital detox.) When asked what I felt after the whole affair, I said: “Empty, but in a good way.” It's as if I were deliberately sucked into a void of nothingness where I felt strangely finite and revitalized.


(Psychological) Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation is an experience, which eliminates the use of our senses. Floating is now an alternative therapy, which “reduces sensory input to the nervous system through the act of floating.” In a day-to-day, highly-engaged environment, stripping off interruptions produces focus. One might get restless disconnecting but it is essential for one's brain and body to discharge and recharge. Research shows that regular sensory deprivation—in this case, floatation therapy—even helps patients with anxiety disorders and PTSD. This manufactures an overall sense of well-being.




So, back to my getaway. After a (very vegan, very healthy) three-course meal, we embarked on a mindfulness workshop with photographer and meditation wellness coach Sara Black. For an hour, we were in a conscious pursuit of clarity. Each of the female participants had to internalize and contemplate how we understood “self-love” through our different milestones. (Yes, it got very personal.) Now, in early adulthood, I've discovered that self-love means letting go of people, things and external pressures, which no longer serve me (and my peace.)


Before tears came, we were treated to an hour-long SNAILWHITE Gold Treatment, which consisted of an Acqua Lymphatic Treatment. This involved hasty, not-so-comfortable dry brushing to remove dead skin cells. Then, I was immersed in an infrared sauna and oriental sauna. This was topped off with a face massage (fi-na-lly) with a liberal spreading of SNAILWHITE's latest release: the Gold Anti-Aging Moisturizer. Alas, it was complete.


Whether you actually plan on floatation therapy or just plan on a day-long digital detox, remember it's crucial to disconnect once in a while—even if this means 15 to 30 minutes of just going out, keeping your phone in your pocket and actually being present.


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Photography Elisa Aquino

Art Alexandra Lara

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