Feel Your Feelings This Cancer Season By Taking Pointers From Our Fave Celebs

Feel Your Feelings This Cancer Season By Taking Pointers From Our Fave Celebs

Of pace changes and honoring your feelings

Here’s a belated welcome into Cancer season, everyone! We’ve survived the chaos of Gemini season coupled with a long, long Mercury Retrograde. Thankfully the sun has now aligned with the cool, calm and sensitive Cancer. All that flurry of internalizing options and maximizing our expression is now rewarded with the change of pace. A slower, calmer one that’s in line with the nature of the crab: Cancer. Utilize this by embracing Cancer’s emotional, nurturing and caring nature. Feel your feelings and when you can, send the same gentleness to the people around you. 


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Everyone’s got a penchant for ignoring their feelings, especially when we don’t think it’s going to contribute anything. But don’t allow yourself to bottle your emotions up, or else you’ll be prone to making outbursts. Embrace it, embrace all of it. Whether it’s feeling sentimental over the past we took for granted or wallowing in leftover heartbreak, feel it and then let go. Remember, Cancer season has everyone up in their feelings, too. If you somehow find yourself more grounded with your emotions these days, reach out to anyone who might need to let it out too with a heart-to-heart, some nurturing and care. 


Cancer also rules our fourth house, the one that represents the home. This season is a good time to spice up your humble abode by indulging yourself with pretty decor or investing in some Home Buddies-approved finds to make your home more relaxing. We’re already staying in, so it’s better to focus your energy on cultivating a space that lets you feel really at home. 


The fourth house also represents the family, so this season encourages us to reconnect with our origins, go back to our foundations. Spend more time to check in with your family and your friends-turned-family. Talk to them, really talk to them about how they are and what they feel, too.


Now, we all know how honoring your feelings and sending the same energy can be hard. But let’s learn from our favorite Cancer celebrities how to embody the crab and its emotions this Cancer season.


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Lana Del Rey

June 21, 1985
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If Geminis were artistic and lyrical geniuses, then Cancers bring in the most vivid and emotional singers, too. One of them is Lana Del Rey. She even penned the best song for Cancer season, it’s Summertime Sadness. Lana being attuned to all her feelings and channeling them in her lyrics makes us seen and valid. Admit it, some of us have cried over her songs in silence. Perhaps we should channel her energy this Cancer season by blasting Chemtrails Over The Country Club and embracing our eccentric selves.


Solange Knowles

June 24, 1986
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Solange Knowles is notably one of the iconic and landmark Cancers. Like a true Cancer, she’s very attuned to her family and her foundations and continuously pays tribute to her origins with her art. Her 2019 album When I Get Home, is an homage to her roots. The music videos for the album contain nods to her roots in Houston, Texas and its African-American heritage. Take this time to ponder on your foundations too, such as reminiscing favorite moments that make you feel at home.


Ariana Grande

June 26, 1993
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Yuh, our favorite high-ponytail sporting, whistle note-hitting, superstar is a Cancer. It’s evident with how she channels her feelings with her songs, all the good and the bad. If there’s anything we’ve learned from Ari herself is that we should release all pent-up emotions until we’ve got no tears left to cry. But emotions, life, grief and our feelings are quite complicated, more so hers especially after the loss she experienced from 2017 to 2018. So even if she’s stood back up after Sweetener, she still allowed to feel and heal through her grief and released it all with thank u, nextSo if you feel like you've expressed it all, let Cancer season give you another chance for feeling the pain and letting to.


Justin of SB19

July 7th, 1998
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SB19’s youngest member Justin De Dios is a Cancer. If you find yourself going through his YouTube channel, you’d find a selection of videos that shows more of his personality. His recent releases are a lot more sentimental, unboxing things he’s kept over the years and even reading past letters. Maybe we should take pointers from Justin and revisit our pasts. And while his might’ve been done in good heart, doing the same might help us let go of feelings we’ve been keeping inside. It’s also timely to go back to SB19’s MAPA, a love letter they penned to their parents as we reconnect with our support systems.


Sue Ramirez

July 20, 1996
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Everyone knows Sue as unapologetic and fierce but also attuned to her emotions. Sue welcomes Cancer season with open arms, basking in the point in time where the sun is aligned with her planet. She’s not shy to let the world know what she thinks and feels, even if it’s just light-hearted banter with Mimiyuuuh. Nonetheless, Sue isn't afraid to express her feelings when needed and letting her loved ones feel loved. Do the same this Cancer season by letting your family, found family and friends know by checking in on them, too.


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Go on and feel your feelings this Cancer season! Honor the change of pace and pay homage to your foundations, whether they're places or people. Embrace the sentimentality and sensitivity of it all.



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