Good For You: Spirulina and Other Super Ingredients To Keep You In Check

Good For You: Spirulina and Other Super Ingredients To Keep You In Check

Healthy ingredients you'll actually want to include in your diet



Whether or not you’ve delved into deep research about health and weight loss, chances are if we asked you to name a superfood, you could do so without any trouble at all. There are berries and oats and leafy greens––essentially all the good stuff every wellness magazine tells you to work into your diet.


But there’s another layer of super ingredients that can be worked into your meal plans and health smoothies or even just included on a whim for an extra boost of health. One of these ingredients, believe it or not, is pond scum.


Okay, it may sound gross, but that’s essentially what spirulina is: a blue-green algae that thrives in the ocean and lakes in subtropical climates. Before writing this stuff off as something you’ll never be caught dead consuming, at least consider the benefits.



Health buffs love this stuff and with good reason: it has impressive amounts of protein, iron, antioxidants and B-vitamins, which the body needs to form and repair tissues, keep risk of infections and sickness at a low and improve energy levels, skin and hair health and your overall mood. It’s rich in chlorophyll, too, which helps in eliminating toxins from the body and gives the immune system a healthy kick.


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Arguably one of the reasons most spirulina fanatics turn to it in the first place is the claim that it can aid in weight loss and increase fat burn during workouts. While results are debatable and continue to vary from person to person, this much is certain: spirulina is rich in both protein and fiber, which are proven to make one hell of a combo when it comes to regulating the appetite and keeping frequent cravings at bay.



Intrigued? Here are a few quick products to check out if you’re looking to get on the spirulina train.

Good For You: Spirulina and Other Super Ingredients To Keep You In Check

ASAB ORGANICS Organic Spirulina Powder, P295

Good For You: Spirulina and Other Super Ingredients To Keep You In Check

ANTHONY’S Spirulina Tablets, P500


Good For You: Spirulina and Other Super Ingredients To Keep You In Check

GO RAW Sweet Spirulina Sprouted Bar, P180


On the flip side, if you aren’t sold on including pond scum in your diet just yet, don’t fret: there are other super ingredients worth checking out.



Why it’s good for you: Reduces inflammation, promotes joint mobility, improves cholesterol levels, moderates muscle soreness

How to consume it: As tea, blended into a smoothie, or sprinkled over rice, vegetables or eggs for flavor and color



Why it’s good for you: Rich in antioxidants, promotes brain and liver health

How to consume it: As a tea, mixed into fruit juice, baked into breads



Why it’s good for you: rich in fiber and Omega-3 or “good fats” (the stuff in tuna!), which promotes heart health

How to consume it: Blended into a morning smoothie or sprinkled over yogurt or a bowl of cereal



Why it’s good for you: Rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and antioxidants,  which fight against free radicals that damage body cells and tissues

How to consume it: Baked into a brownie, brewed into chocolate milk or added into a healthy trail mix


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Take your pick, the choices—not excuses—to a healthier diet are aplenty.



Art Alexandra Lara

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