A Match Made In Fitness Heaven: NT Summer Equinox + adidas Runners Manila

A Match Made In Fitness Heaven: NT Summer Equinox + adidas Runners Manila

Last weekend, we hit things off with adidas Runners Manila!



In what was the fourth weekend with NT Summer Equinox, participants were given the opportunity to work on their speed and strength with adidas Runners Manila. Before things took off, everyone in attendance—whether with Nikki Torres or Captain Jules Aquino—were advised to fill up their water jugs, stretch and get ready for what was ahead.


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After the introductions were made, the late afternoon workout officially began with an orientation (or a warning) of what was about to come for the participants. Sure, there would be running involved, but adidas Runners Manila also includes some strength exercises into their routine that the rest of the NT Summer Equinox participants would have to get on board with.


But first things first: A run around the High Street Central block in BGC, Taguig.


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The rest of the afternoon was filled with jumping jacks, some burpees, more running and a few other strength exercises—and ended with some friendly competition that gave the adidas Runners Manila participants a chance to join in on the last week of NT Summer Equinox, where none other than Nikki Torres will he headlining the workout.


But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s go back to the weekend that just passed.


As a non-goer to the gym and non-participant in all things that involve fitness and health, I knew I had my work cut out for me. I felt like I was going to strike out after the warmup run, but stuck it out because I could see other people struggling too. We all ran at our own pace, did the exercises only to the point we felt like we could and felt no judgement whatsoever from the group we had formed that afternoon.


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That, I think, is what’s most appreciated with a program like NT Summer Equinox. People come in at different points of their health and fitness journeys, and participate as much as they are able, forming relationships with the people next to them who are sweating it out just as much as the next person. The exercises aren’t for the faint of heart and Captain Jules definitely did a number on us, but we all felt a little bit better about ourselves by the time the sun had set.


There’s a little more faith in what we’re capable of and a little more hope for what we can do in the future. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally enjoy a solo jog around the block one day without feeling like my heart is pounding out of my chest. A week ago, I would have said that was impossible—I wouldn’t have even put on my running shoes (which I do, surprisingly, own)—but it doesn’t seem so out of reach now.


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Next week will be the culmination of NT Summer Equinox. The summer workshop will end a session of NT Sweat at The Island, Palace Complex in BGC. Anyone else excited? We’ll catch you there.



Art Alexandra Lara

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