Maureen Wroblewitz on Spirituality and Tarot Reading

Maureen Wroblewitz on Spirituality and Tarot Reading

“I do like helping people through the tarot readings; I feel that’s my new purpose,” —Maureen Wroblewitz



We have all found—and rediscovered—hobbies in the pandemic. With so much time spent at home staving off cabin fever, DIY-ing everything, we’ve become unassuming professionals. For actress, beauty queen and model Maureen Wroblewitz, she’s discovered a deeper sense of spirituality—and purpose—through tarot reading. 


After completing the Miss Universe Philippines pageant in 2021 and winning first place, she felt a sense of loss. In an exclusive interview with Wonder, she reveals, “After Miss Universe Philippines, I went through a very difficult stage. I was, I guess, lost because I am competitive—it only comes when I’m joining competitions. I went in not wanting to win; I went out feeling empty because I didn’t win. I was very lost because I was so confused about what I really wanted [in life].”  


Maureen coped through the act of tarot reading, which not only helped her connect with her intuition on a deeper level, but also helped her gain a sense of clarity. She narrates, “It guides me every day…There [are] a lot of stereotypes about it and misinformation, like it’s evil. No, it’s not! It depends on how you use it.”


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A practitioner revealed to Maureen that anyone can do tarot reading to gain more insight on the past, present and future. The key is refining your intuition. She notes, “It’s not just the cards itself [that guide a reading], it’s more your intuition. What are the messages that you receive?” She adds, “I do like helping people through the tarot readings; I feel that’s my new purpose.” 


Gaining insight on spirituality during the pandemic’s helped Maureen confront her past and “thank those [baggage] for making me the person I am.” She also believes that tarot reading can coexist with faith in God and angels, contrary to popular belief. She notes, “Spirituality is something you feel, but it’s also learning to be more open-minded and not letting your ego decide on things.” 


Furthermore, she adds, “[Tarot reading] sparked a new interest in me, and it just keeps reminding me who I am—this really strong person.”  



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Interested in trying tarot reading? As a redirection to self-discovery, here are more reasons to try it out. 



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