Things To Remember When You Get Bitter This Valentine’s Day

Things To Remember When You Get Bitter This Valentine’s Day

In case your Valentine’s Day is as lonely as mine



In my 28 years of existence, very few Valentine’s Days have been spent with someone to traditionally spend it with. And in those years that I did have someone to romantically link myself to, I wasn’t big on the flowers, chocolates, balloons and teddy bears. Which is fine and makes sense, except I still find myself feeling a little bitter when I do see boys carrying around bouquets and girls all dressed for that special date.


But like I said: I’ve had years of experience being single while the rest of the world fell in love. And in these years of singlehood, I have accumulated some key things to remember for those bitter-tasting moments.


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“The exes”

My first line of defense is to remember the boys I have dated in my life and—more importantly—why we broke up. Remembering those moments of silence over dinner, the fights and the ridiculous bouts of jealousy are enough to get me thankful that I’m going home alone.


“Do I even like flowers?”

Sometimes, when I see people walking around with flowers of different count, color and class, I feel bad for not having my own to lug around. But then I think about the very real inconveniences that commuting home with flowers entails. Besides, I don’t like the looks girls get.


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“You’re an independent lady who don’t need a man”

It pains me to say this, but I do have friends that seem a little dysfunctional when not connected to a man. Suddenly, they don’t know how to get home or keep themselves company. I, on the other hand, am perfectly capable of having—and enjoying—a meal by myself.


“Planning sucks”

Is it just me or do people seem to put a lot of effort into Valentine’s Day? My friends have woken up at 4AM to make sure they get the best flowers, have taken leaves from work to deliver their gifts and have connived with their SO’s friends or officemates to make a public surprise.


It just seems like a lot of effort and I would rather just relax.


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“It’s just another day”

When it all boils down to it, Valentine’s Day is just February 14. It’s just another day in the year. And if I’m perfectly fine seeing a couple have dinner on any other Friday, I can definitely last through this one.



Besides, one day of feeling a little lonelier than the rest of the city dwellers is a better alternative to a shitfest of a relationship.



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