I Tried Trizie’s 7-Day Gut Cleanse—Here Are My Results

I Tried Trizie’s 7-Day Gut Cleanse—Here Are My Results

One drink, seven days: I put Trizie fiber drinks to the test



When you see your parents down a glass of soil-tasting, sand-colored fiber every morning, you condition yourself to think you don’t need the extra roughage in your diet. I’m fully enjoying the benefits of being a young, (relatively) healthy twenty-something. Why subject myself to drinking glorified earth water? I feel fine. Here's my 7-day journey drinking Trizie Fiber.


Or at least that’s what I thought before the April bloat kicked in. Women know that bloating is one of the unfortunate realities that have chosen to befall us, but there are certain months that just, as the kids say, hit different. I’d finally gotten a handle on my health in 2021, but all it took was one particularly stressful month to screw my progress over. 


Thus began my exploration into fiber drinks. I wanted to hit reset on my system—without the earthy taste that comes with most powder mixes on the market. Enter: wellness brand Trizie and their flavored fiber blends.



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Trizie fiber supplements ticked all my boxes. There are two versions, Clean Fiber and Light Fiber, which offer varying cleansing strengths. Eager for a fresh start, I chose Clean Fiber, the stronger of the two. It contains psyllium husk, the bulk-forming laxative ingredient in drinks like C-Lium and other ingredients that promote gut health: green tea and inulin fiber. Garcinia, green coffee and L-Carnitine are also on the list to help kick-start weight loss.


Trizie fiber drinks are formulated to be taken once a day. Rather than replace meals, they're formulated to complement a balanced diet.


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trizie fiber

This was my starting point.


For the sake of keeping score, I took measurements. My natural waist (the smallest point of the torso!) measured 28 inches, while the pouch that lives a short distance below the navel measured 34 inches.


While we're here, a little clarification is in order. Fitness and wellness can be touchy topics, so let me clear the air. I didn’t hate my body when I took these photos, but I've dealt with my fair share of body image issues. I've gone on every diet imaginable, worked out obsessively to no avail. Over the years, though, I’ve learned to be more forgiving. I've finally unlocked a point where I thank this vessel of a body for keeping me safe, instead of forcing it to fit into size six jeans.


My body was fine and is fine, but I wanted my hard work to show through. Hence, the cleanse.


Throughout the seven days of my Trizie Fiber Cleanse experience, my habits remained largely unchanged. I'd still get some form of exercise in at least four days in a week. I'd still eat the same diet of produce, meat, cookies and excessive caffeine. The only difference: I'd down a glass of green apple flavored Trizie—sometimes blended with fruit, sometimes shaken with ice, but always mixed with a bottle of yakult—with my dinner. I also made sure to drink more water in the evenings, as fiber needs water to help solidify waste.


Speaking of which, despite the minor changes in my habits, the effects were surprisingly drastic. Not to scare you off, but on my first night of the cleanse, I had to head to the bathroom seven times to do my business. Seven. Needless to say, I felt much lighter the morning after. Lesson learned: we're carrying a lot more around than we think.


The succeeding days were (thankfully) less eventful. According to the log on my phone, I only had to use the toilet two to four times daily for the rest of the week. Nature would sometimes call in the middle of the night, but that's something that can be addressed by drinking your daily Trizie fiber either earlier in the day, or right before bed.


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trizie fiber

Fast forward to day seven. These were my results.


I felt leaner and lighter—and my trusty ol' tape measure validated these sentiments. Within a week, I lost 3/4 of an inch off both my natural waist and lower belly.


It's no Chloe Ting challenge; no jaw-dropping differences here. But I consider this a feat, especially since drinking Trizie's Fiber Cleanse was literally the only change I made. Call me impressed.


I'll be keeping a box of dietary fiber within arm's reach, saving it for weeks when my body clings to food a little more than usual. A word of caution for first-time users: cleansing drinks may trigger stomach cramps. I was lucky not to experience any pain whatsoever, at most getting a rumble at the base of my stomach when it was time to go to the bathroom, but the possibility remains. Remember, before anything and anyone else, listen to your body.



Trizie's Clean Fiber supplement retails for P695 (3-day pack) and P1595 (7-day pack). Discover Trizie's line of gut-cleansing drinks, sleeping aids and other wellness products on Shopee, Lazada, BeautyMNL and BFF Manila.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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