A Reminder from UL Skin Sciences: Take (Personal) Care

A Reminder from UL Skin Sciences: Take (Personal) Care

A life well-lived starts with personal care solutions



I spent my teenage years hearing this advice from adults: no one else can take care of you better than yourself. Jarring isn’t it? But every time I was told that, I could never say it as wrong. And now in my early 20s, I can’t deny the truth in it. How we treat others is rooted in how well we treat ourselves. There’s no straight path in navigating personal care—we need all the help we can get from the ones who know what they're talking about.


Luckily, UL Skin Sciences Inc’s (ULSSI) partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd)’s Brigada Eskwela program sheds light on personal care and hygiene. In the hope of promoting a life well-lived among the Filipino youth, UNILAB brands who aided us in self-care, like pH Care and Celeteque, held inspirational and informative webinars.


Fortunately, the recorded webinars are accessible to everyone! Get to know the webinars that you can stream via DepEd on Facebook:


Ngayong Teenager Ka Na, Ano Ang Tamang Pag-alaga Ng Iyong Katawan?

Hosted by Grace Benedicto, pH Care Assistant Brand Manager


A healthy body brings about a healthy mind. The pH Care-led initiative serves as a reminder for female students to prioritize personal hygiene in every stage of their lives—even amidst and especially during the challenges of adulting. Through this webinar, pH Care teaches young Filipinas tips on how to be hygienic with their intimate areas, plus debunk myths about the female body. The brand’s tie-up with also emphasizes the webinar’s purpose from the get-go with their #ShareTheCare campaign.



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Paano Naaaply Ang Cosmetic Science Sa Totoong Buhay

Hosted by Zei Reyes, UL Skin Sciences Inc Innovations Product Manager


Truly, not everything we see on the Internet applies to our everyday lives. In an age when social media bombards us with content that shows skincare routines using high-end products, ULSSI debunks the need for expensive items and highlights the true and ideal regimens to follow. Truths about the skin are discussed, along with the best ways to take care of our skin.



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Heto Ang Mga Dapat Gawin Para Alagaan Ang Balat At Hindi Magkaroon Ng Pimples

Hosted by Jazz Maniri, Celeteque Brand Associate


Dealing with breakouts or dark spots? The Celeteque team sparks the conversation on the importance of not overlooking puberty and the physical changes that teens deal with. The webinar covers topics, from identifying the causes of pimple breakouts to maintaining healthy skin.



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Knowing The Facts: What is Hygiene And Its Importance

Hosted by Christa Vidallo, UL Skin Sciences Inc R&D officer


Since the pandemic began, we’ve collectively given hygiene more emphasis than ever. Adding more to the discussion, the ULSSI team educates the Filipino youth on personal care and the threats that come when we don't spend time on it.



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With the intention to educate the Filipino youth about personal care, UL Skin Sciences Inc aims to host more webinars and in-person seminars in schools. ULSSI will expand its efforts to volunteer work and creative freedom in the liberal arts sector. The goal? To create a personal and comfortable environment for the world's future.



Learn more about the UL Skin Sciences brands and their upcoming informative events on personal hygiene. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.



Words Bianca Villena

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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