TBH, No Matter How You Feel About Valentine’s Day, It Still Sucks To Be Single

TBH, No Matter How You Feel About Valentine’s Day, It Still Sucks To Be Single

PSA: Valentine’s Day is a pseudo-holiday



I was never the kind of girl that celebrated Valentine’s Day romantically—even when there was a boy in the picture. It's one of the holidays I never took part in and never felt the need to get involved in. Flowers, chocolates, dinner in a special-yet-overcrowded restaurant? Thank you, but no thank you. 


Then again, when the choice to romantically celebrate is taken from you because you are single. That's an entirely different picture. So let me just say it: Valentine’s Day sucks when you’re single.



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There’s too much love around that you can’t partake in

One of the most annoying things on Valentine’s Day is seeing everyone celebrate it with their significant others. Romantic dinners, surprises at work, even a special home-cooked meal—all displayed on social media with “I’ll love you forever” or “LOML” somewhere in the caption—they’re annoying to see when you’re single. It’s not that you aren’t happy for your friends or family members or acquaintances and yourself; it’s just that their very public displays of affection remind you that you don’t have anyone to say these things to or do these things for. 


Even when you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you know you aren’t celebrating it

As much as Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday and as many ways there are to celebrate it with platonic friends, you still always know this holiday was not made for you. Galentine’s Day celebrations are fun in a rebellious and “Fuck you, big brother” way, but you can’t deny it’s not like celebrating the full intention of the holiday.



But TBH, it’s bitterness

When it all boils down to it, my opinion that Valentine’s Day sucks is rooted in some bitterness. Being alone never has to mean being lonely, but on February 14, that is what's evident: being alone does sometimes mean being lonely. 


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To all my single friends, non-friends and everyone in between, I don’t know if you feel the same way. And if you don’t, are there any words of wisdom that you'd care to share? I would very much like to shake this feeling off eventually, but I guess the light at the end of the tunnel is that Valentine’s Day only lasts 24 hours—a week at most, because there are some people that like to stretch it. Some salt to the wound, I guess. 



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