Non-Conventional Ways To Live Sustainable

Non-Conventional Ways To Live Sustainable

Because living sustainable isn’t a trend



As the latest in sustainable trends, metal straws come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Likewise, more and more people are cutting up plastics and generating eco bricks. Then there are those groceries that are becoming more adamant about not using plastic bags. Going sustainable is a trend that’s on an upward trajectory—but actually living a sustainable life is more than just following these trends.


After all, its definition is rooted in the belief that it can be maintained long term.


Bath time is a good time

It’s time to ditch the shampoo and conditioner bottles, and go for something a little less heavy on the ecological footprint. Various brands now offer shampoo and conditioner bars, which make saying goodbye to those evil bottles so much easier. It’s going to take some getting used to, but you’ll hardly miss the liquid once you’re in it.


And hey, it makes travelling easier, too. No one wants a half empty shampoo bottle taking up all that room in your luggage.


Travel is a privilege 

Piece of information: There is such a thing as sustainable travel! It basically means finding ways to ensure that tourism can be maintained in the long term without harming natural and cultural environments. Examples include: properly throwing away your trash, not disturbing the wildlife for the sake of the gram and joining tour groups (because it’s like carpooling).


But another way to travel sustainably is to make a conscious effort to visit areas that are sustainable themselves. Make sure you’re going to areas that are properly preserved and help keep the local surroundings alive, as well as help support the local people.


Be careful what you eat

We’re not saying go vegetarian here (although meat production is a great contributor to greenhouse gas emissions), but do try to shop local. Farmers markets are a great way to shop food sustainably, largely because big corporations tend to make use of large machinery (and sometimes less-than-humane methods) to meet demands.


If you’re ever in need for ideas, Philippine Harvest is ready to rescue you.



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Wash in the cold

Washing by hand is the environmentally-sound choice when it comes to laundry. The thing is, you can’t always expect people to wash by hand when the loads are high—we just don’t have the time for that. But if you are going to use a washing machine, be mindful to wash with cold water instead.


About 90 percent of the energy that a washer uses is for heating water. So opting to wash cold makes a significant difference in energy efficiency. And the best thing? You don’t even have to purchase an entirely new machine.


Don’t be embarrassed to re-gift/repurpose

Let’s face it: We know people that give gifts just for the sake of giving gifts; some of us might even be guilty of it ourselves. But because we all live within small social circles, we sometimes second guess re-gifting these items we won’t ever use or like. We’re here to say there is no shame in it!


And also gift bags? No one will (or should) care if it was used before.


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Is sustainability a trend? Definitely not. And if you’re in it for the beautiful photo of your coffee drink sipped through metal straw, then we just hope the habit sticks long after the hype dies down.



Art and Photography Alexandra Lara


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