Why We Need Meditation And Mindfulness In Life

Why We Need Meditation And Mindfulness In Life

It’s a free practice with so many benefits



Most people seem to have this obsession with moving forward and moving quickly. We dream of a quick-paced life that impossibly mixes together a successful career, a vivid social life and a mental state like Hermione Granger’s—as she said it, “I'm highly logical, which gives me the ability to see past simple facts or clues and means I can stay calm in certain situations.”


Oddly enough, it’s that Hermione-esque mental state that seems hardest to grasp. We’re constantly yearning for an open road or an endless sea just for the chance to calm ourselves down. Fortunately, we don’t need to spend that much money to reach a level of meditation and mindfulness. Meditate (verb): to engage in contemplation or reflection; to focus one’s thoughts.
Mindfulness (noun): the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.


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Here’s what you do.

Firstly, meditation is more than just taking a seat and counting your breaths—though it is a good start. You’ll need to take a moment every morning when you wake up just to relax your mind. Choose somewhere that is comfortable, take a position and just start counting. If your mind wanders, don’t worry about it. All you’ll have to do is start again from one.


When you’ve mastered the art of focusing on your breath, you can choose to focus on other things afterwards. How the different parts of your body are feeling, for example, or how the wind sounds as it comes through your window. And before you get stressed about finding answers, you don’t actually need them. These types of questions are meant simple and are only meant to get you aware of your surroundings.


Here’s what it’ll do for you.

Meditation is all about working out the mind and its effects will show in how you handle things on a day-to-day basis. And if we’re being honest, we can all afford to handle things a little better. Seriously, how many times have we collectively slammed our desks in frustration? Too embarrassing to count.


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When practiced, meditation should help you feel more ready for the day that’s ahead. You’ll be able to handle things better and, in the long run, mediation will help relieve stress and anxiety. After all, when you take time to forget the negative things, you open up more room for creativity, focus and even compassion.



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