Essential Oils 101 With Young Living

Essential Oils 101 With Young Living

Are essential oils the cure-all we need?



The wellness industry is thriving, and continues to thrive even (or especially?) during this pandemic. With the collective desire to renounce products that contain chemicals and all that bad stuff in the name of Mother Earth and/or personal health, many of us have switched to friendlier, more natural alternatives. So it’s really no surprise essential oils are front and center, alongside crystals and vibes, natural beauty and sustainable living.    


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We’ve all heard someone in our circles talk about it or maybe you had someone whip out a roll-on bottle of some lavender-lemon concoction to help with a stuffy nose. Other than it smells great, I never really paid attention. And that’s in spite of claims from my own peers that it’s helped with their anxiety and works wonders for when allergies strike.


I’m neither a naysayer or a believer, but Young Living’s invitation to a #CompleteCare workshop came at the right time. 


We've seen how the health crisis turned the world on its head. The safety and wellbeing of our own and others, the future that seems so far away are things we constantly worry about. Often, it feels like there’s no room to breathe—sometimes literally. And while all that’s valid, we forget about the present or being in the moment. One of the ways to do that is by creating a safe space within our homes, where we can just take a moment to ourselves to count our breaths or cry (cause don’t we all need to?). 


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This is where essential oils can come in, to help create that oasis at home or anywhere you need it. Young Living Philippines General Manager Franco Silva shares, “We’re here…to [give] access to 100% natural, pure and safe products (Filipinos) can use to protect and nurture their family, especially during current circumstances where they would need it the most.”


Essential Oils 101 With Young Living


The #CompleteCare workshop started with a quick 101 with essential oil advocate and educator Geri Gil. So what is this hope in a bottle? They’re compounds extracted from plants through a distillation or cold-pressing process that captures the plant’s essential scent and flavor. The oils can be used on its own or added to cosmetics, cleaning products and (to my surprise) even food. There are many benefits, which depend on the oil or blend, including relief for muscle tension and some stomach aches, treatment for acne, etc. But for noobs like myself, let’s stick to the basics (I’m not ready to ingest oils other than the known edible kind).


Geri shared practical recommendations on oil blends or combinations that work best for her and her family, starting with a wellness roller. Made with Young Living’s Thieves, Oregano and Lemon essential oils, and the V6 Carrier (vegetable oil complex), this blend can be applied to specific points of the body, like the palms, soles of the feet and even the spine. A whiff of this stuff can give “a sense of security and empowerment,” based on each oil’s specific function (i.e., oregano is for power). I’ve used mine for a week, rubbing it between my palms at the start of the day or on my feet, and the effect is calming and grounding.


Meanwhile, a personal favorite is the chest serum, which Geri made using Peppermint and R.C. (a powerful blend of 10 oils, including three types of Eucalyptus). The serum is supposed to be a natural way to free up the flow of oxygen into our bodies. We use this as a family and as part of our bedtime ritual. I find that it pairs well with the breathing and meditation exercises that help us drift off to sleep. 


For when you need a lift or a mood boost, scents play a role in shaping our thoughts and emotions (whether we’re talking essential oils or not). Think about how the smell of coffee can wake you up in the morning or how the smell of good food is enough to make your mouth water (sorry, I’m always just thinking about food). In the case of Young Living, their Dewdrop Diffuser helps set the mood through aromatherapy or with the combination of essential oils and water, and cleans stagnant air. Geri’s recipe to start the day? A blend of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils for a dose of energy and focus.


Essential Oils 101 With Young Living


So am I convert? As with anything, research, experience and moderation are key. At the end of the day, essential oils smell nice. But whether it works for you or not depends on first-hand experience. The combination of Lavender and Lemon seem to help ease me into sleep, while Peppermint and R.C. encourage me to breathe deeper and better so I’ve integrated them into my routine. However, for use in the treatment of health-related or medical conditions, it’s always best to consult a professional.



If you’re interested in essential oils, Young Living’s Complete Care Enrollment Set (P6,799) is a good place to start. The set includes the Dewdrop Diffuser, six essential oils including, R.C., and a membership. For more information, click here or follow Young Living on Facebook and Instagram.



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