stylefestph: 0917 Emerging Designers

stylefestph: 0917 Emerging Designers

See the winning collections of 0917's emerging designers



After a 4-month long mentorship program in design, production, branding and curation, the winning collections for the 0917 and Zalora Emerging Designers were finally revealed. Dino Bancoro, G Gambaloza and Nicolo Perez all took on the challenge of recreating streetwear for cool new brand, 0917. Combined with their individual aesthetic, the resulting pieces were forward and fresh as they were wearable.


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Below, we breakdown the looks from each designer, which btw are all shoppable via




There were two things that impressed us most about Dino: one is that he is a self-taught designer who learned everything he knows about design from YouTube and two, his QR code prints, of which he saw the potential way before we all learned to scan to pay. The Albay-born designer's aesthetic has been clear from the start: fashion futurism. And that's exactly what we saw on the runway; new utilitarian pieces saturated in cool.


Shop the collection here.



Don't be deceived by G Gambaloza's youth or diffidence; her vision, artistry and design credo are solid strong since day one of her journey. The SoFA Design Institute graduate believes that design is personal, an extension of oneself and her surroundings, and is more about storytelling than just the visual aspect. Above, a preview of the young designer's story made up of muted brights, deconstructed pieces and extra long sleeves.


Shop the collection here.




Nico is a Psychology graduate from the Ateneo and a product of SoFA Design Institute. While the two sciences may differ, the designer believes that fashion has the power to positively impact a person's mindset and emotions. And that is exactly what Nico intends to do, empower the wearer with clothes that make them look and feel great. See: powerful tailoring in easy silhouettes that can take you anywhere.


Shop the collection here.



Photography Floyd Jhocson

Art Alexandra Lara


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