0917 x MTV and Seven Days of Nostalgia


August 11, 2020
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A visual diary of the new 0917 Lifestyle collaboration that 12-year-old me would have eaten right up



I haven’t gone down the sushi bake route or participated in all the breadmaking fanfare, but I do see the appeal of trying new things during quarantine. It’s a very glass-half-full way of getting one’s mind off current events if even for a while (stating the obvious here: 2020 has been no picnic).


When left to my own devices, though, I’ve found that I busy myself more with the opposite in quarantine. Happiness, for me, comes in the form of series reruns, revisiting old projects I once put a pin on, marathons of the same movie franchises and comfort food from my grade school years.


“New” gets points for holding thrilling possibilities, sure. But predictability can be a welcome distraction, too. In my case, it’s even been a great source of comfort––which is why when nostalgia hits, I have no qualms with letting it hit me hard. Come to think of it, this explains the hours spent down the YouTube rabbit hole rewatching iconic live performances (five words: Britney plus albino Burmese python) or forgotten television show episodes I still know like the back of my hand. 


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Call me sentimental, but I’m a sucker for a good throwback. And in the case of 0917 Lifestyle collaborating with MTV, a defining element of my childhood that gave me Daria, Pimp My Ride and Cribs, I gladly obliged. Below, the week in photos featuring some personal favorites from the limited-edition collection. Welcome to my MTV-fueled time warp.




We previously touched on dressing up while working from home (because yes, we should still bother), but here’s a sound compromise on the workwear front: business at the top, pambahay at the bottom. A logo tee can easily take care of the former. Before my first Zoom call of the week, added on a blazer for good measure.


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Logo Scribble Shirt Wonder

0917 MTV Logo Scribble Shirt


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Moon Man Shirt Wonder

0917 MTV Moon Man Shirt


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Logo Shirt Wonder

0917 MTV Logo Shirt


Daria Marathon Night


On a free weeknight, I cozied up to rewatch Daria in all its glory. (It’s still funny to me how I saw any of this at seven years old.) 


The beret here is just for fun, of course; as mentioned, I sometimes get ready with nowhere to go during quarantine. But this is how I imagine this striped long-sleeved top can be zhuzhed without doing much else to it.


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Striped Sweatshirt Wonder

0917 MTV Striped Sweatshirt


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Windbreaker Wonder

0917 MTV Windbreaker


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Mustard Long Sleeve Wonder

0917 MTV Mustard Long Sleeve


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All the Errand Days


My affinity for headwear is once again on full display. (It’s almost as though a day out instantly equals a chance to throw something on.) Apart from the actual 0917 x MTV apparel, the caps are certainly a favorite.




On my third errand day, I whipped out this cropped denim jacket with puff sleeves given to me by Sarah, our editor-in-chief. It has a wonderfully unconventional silhouette for a jean jacket, which now has me thinking: these MTV logo tees would go great with ‘80s-referencing denim-on-denim.


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Black Cap Wonder

0917 MTV Black Cap


0917 Lifestyle 0917 Series Two True Wireless Sports Earbuds Wonder

0917 Series Two True Wireless Sports Earbuds


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Cap Wonder

0917 MTV Cap


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Tie Dye Logo Shirt Wonder

0917 MTV Tie Dye Logo Shirt


Midweek Slump = Bring on the Sweats


In the spirit of simultaneously catching up on work and wanting to already pop open a bottle of wine, there’s this midweek ensemble. But even an afterthought of an outfit can still look put-together, I think. And on this end, leisurewear in a rib-knit fabric can make all the difference (read: sweatpants that don’t scream sweatpants).


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Lightning Spiral Shirt Wonder

0917 MTV Lightning Spiral Shirt


0917 Lifestyle 0917 Series Two Wireless Headphones Wonder

0917 Series Two Wireless Headphones


Revisiting the Old Work Uniform


Sometimes I swing by my closet just to say hello to my outside clothes. In all seriousness, however, time in quarantine has also been spent gradually editing my wardrobe and visualizing future outfits so I don’t have to overthink them later on (anyone else do this, too?).


Anything in black and white will always make the cut. Same with the blazers that––if you can’t already tell––I just can’t quit.


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV All Access Shirt Wonder

0917 MTV All Access Shirt


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Mix Tape Shirt Wonder

0917 MTV Mix Tape Shirt


0917 Lifestyle 0917 Series Two 10000mAh Fast Charge Powerbank Wonder

0917 Series Two 10,000mAh Fast Charge Powerbank


0917 Lifestyle 0917 MTV Fanny Pack Wonder

0917 MTV Fanny Pack


I’m convinced that nostalgic merch is somewhat like the security blanket equivalent for adults––and I’m not even mad about it.


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Like what you’ve seen in this post? You can peruse the full catalogue of 0917 x MTV apparel here.


Art Alexandra Lara

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