5 Beauty Looks to Shake Up Your Beat in 2020

5 Beauty Looks to Shake Up Your Beat in 2020

We’re claiming it: 2020’s going to be a big year in beauty



Not all that different from alcohol or a surge of adrenaline, the new year seems to give most of us an unpredictable rush of courage. There’s something about December kissing us goodbye, slipping out the door and entrusting us to the hands of a fresh new January that takes us away on an annually scheduled wave of optimism. New resolutions! New workouts! New year, new us, right?


Riding that wave, we’re getting all sorts of enthused at the newness promised by all things beauty. 2019 brought its fair share of trends and moments: the heightened love for all things skincare, the way everyone and their mother decided it was time to finally sport a cotton candy pink mane, the Euphoria-ignited glittery eyes that took the mainstream by storm. With another year to swatch, smear, blend and color, we’ve gone ahead and pinpointed five key beauty looks we’re looking to try in 2020.


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Embellished Eyes



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We all saw how a single season of an HBO series turned the beauty world on its head. There’s no denying it: Euphoria did a fantastic job at coaxing us out of our comfort zones, compelling us to fill our carts with glitter eyeshadow and hit the check out button without feeling an ounce of regret. However, this year, we urge you to take it even further: take what Zendaya’s friends taught you and douse it in even more drama. Throw subtlety out the window and map out your eye makeup in scene-stealing, unconventional shapes, like Red Velvet member Seulgi’s makeup in their Psycho music video.


Glitter Lips



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Is it ridiculous to pat your lips with glitter and slather it with gloss that might make it impossible for you to eat for the rest of the night? Maybe. Does this sound like a look we still want to commit to? Absolutely. 


If you find it in you to sacrifice snacking, go ahead and lend the gripping gleam of a sparkly eye to those lips.


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Extended Inner Corners



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While most extend and wing their eyeliner outwards into perfectly sloping cat-eyes, we’re making a proposition for 2020: take your liner and run it in the opposite direction. Extend your inner corners for a refreshing change of look. 


Color Coordination 



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Let’s get one thing straight: no matter how many times maximalism and mismatched dressing find their way into the trend cycle, color coordination never goes out of style. This same philosophy rings true for beauty. While sticking to a single color might not sound particularly exciting, when you add your hair to the equation, the look instantly becomes more dynamic. This year, chase that bright hair color you’ve always dreamt of but never quite had the guts to commit to––and then match your eye makeup to it.


Party in the Front, Business in the Back



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All the proof we need that this is the hairstyle to have right now rests atop the heads of three women: Instagram style star Una Ilarde, stylist Jana Silao and Sable Yong, whose opinions on beauty we value. Perhaps this is the 2020 version of highlights?



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Which of these looks are you going to be taking for a spin this year? Sound of with your 2020 beauty looks in the comments below!



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