Fashion Trends We’ll Leave in 2022 and What to Replace Them With

Fashion Trends We’ll Leave in 2022 and What to Replace Them With

New year, new me and new fashion trends to explore



The fashion world in 2022 witnessed a couple of shocking headlines—most of these even lumped in the month of November. In the realm of fashion trends, cutouts and keyholes became the prime way to show off some skin, while Downtown Girl was a notable entry from the world of TikTok. Patchwork and prints dominated local fashion events like Bench Fashion Week, while the K-pop stars in Milan Fashion Week schooled us on front-row fashion. Retailers even took a shot at metafashion, the collision of two of the world’s biggest industries.


So as we ring in the New Year, it seems only fitting to drop what fashion trends should stay in 2022. But to keep it fair, we’ll also show you what we’re replacing them with.


Leaving: Skinny jeans

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Wait, hear us out. In recent years, Gen Z officially ushered in the end of skinny jeans. No more form-fitting bottoms that bunch by the ankles or super skin-tight jeans that end awkwardly above the ankle. Baggy silhouettes make you cooler and a little more youthful because we’re not into the struggle of shimmying into skin-tight denim. But we hear you—some people hang onto it like a lifeline because these jeans can still look flattering and stylish when worn right.


Replacing with: Slim-straight jeans and flared jeans


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We respect the skinny jeans-wearing community, so here are options that will stop you from looking like you’re stuck in the 2010s. Instead of capri jeggings that sculpt in unnecessary places, opt to shop for slim-straight cuts. Still form-fitting and snug by the top, but it doesn’t taper down into something skin-tight. If you’re feeling adventurous, flared jeans are experiencing a resurgence that will last well into 2023—the best of both worlds, may we say so ourselves.


Shop the looks right here:

Levi's® Women's 724 High-Rise Straight Jeans (P 3,299)

Mango Mid-Rise Flared Jeans (P 2,495)


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Leaving: Some parts of the Y2K aesthetic


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Well, not entirely because low-slung bottoms, parachute silhouettes and baggy cargo pants are here to stay. Not to mention Barbiecore standing hand-in-hand with Pantone’s color of the year: Viva Magenta. But we’re shifting our focus from certain patterns and cuts to their grungier counterparts. After all, the runways are already catching up with the grunge resurgence as staples involve faded denim, worn-in music tees, flannel patterns and more—so it might be time to retire the psychedelic, wavy patterns and checker prints.


Replacing with: Elevated grunge


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Blame it on the Wednesday effect or just the natural course of time, 2023’s take on grunge will be a little more refined. A mix between the lived-in moments of 2013’s Indie Sleaze moment and one’s interpretation of gothcore fashion. According to Glamour, all black ensembles will stay in style, this time characterized by certain grunge elements. Layer on sheer fabrics with leather jackets, and accessorize with silver jewelry and chunky footwear. Here’s your sign to learn that iconic dance to Goo Goo Muck, I guess.


Monki Open-Collared Sheer Crop Top (P1,500)

Zara Faux Leather Jacket (P3,295)


Leaving: Neutral sweatsuits


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Yes, sweatsuits. Not to be confused with Paris Hilton’s Juicy Couture tracksuits because, let’s face it, they’re still hot. But more on matching sweatpants and oversized sweatshirts. We know that these are streetwear staples and quarantine holy grails, but as our daily duties now require us to stay outdoors more than indoors, explore investing in more versatile pieces. Let’s lessen looking like we just rolled out of bed one day at a time.


Replacing with: Tailored minimalism


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Fashion weeks have spoken: tailored minimalism will stay well into 2023. We did double down on wearing office wear-as-casual wear in a couple of years—which offer better visuals than 2010’s colored blazer situation—but it seems this trend is far from over. According to WWD, designers focused on suiting up in their SS23 collections. Whether it’s Peter Do’s cut-out sets or the vibrant suits from Alexander McQueen, sharp, simple and tailored minimalism is for everybody. Yes, whatever the occasion. These aren’t only boardroom-appropriate wear; don your favorite boxy blazer for a night out.


Zara Oversized Blazer With Pockets (P3,495)

Zara Box Pleat Mini Skirt (P1,695)


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Leaving: Overconsumption and unsustainable shopping


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The elephant sitting in the fashion industry’s room has been addressed multiple times, but it still is a multi-million dollar industry that we still need to work on stopping. Ultra-fast fashion has moved from producing in weeks to a matter of days, with the likes of Shop Cider, Fashion Nova and Shein churning out garments. But we get it—for some of us, these platforms and their fast-fashion older sisters are the more affordable options. The least you can do is shop for keeps rather than follow trends. Do you really need a new haul for every new TikTok microtrend that surfaces?


Replacing with: Intentional shopping


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So, as we continue exploring our own sense of style, let’s try to kick impulse shopping to the curb. Marie Kondo might have taught us to pick things “that spark joy,” but the expert knows more than what the memes have let on. “When I am making a purchase, I always consider the intention that the item will have in my life,” she told Vox in 2019. She carries this principle into her gifting philosophy, too!


Put a little more thought into heading to the cashier or pressing the “check out” button on clothes that might not last you more than one wear. But if you can’t really help it, there’s no harm in shopping secondhand. We all know that when the ukay gods are fair, a great find will fall onto your lap.


Leaving: Gendered clothing


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At this point, should we really be rigidly following gender norms? Crossing the store to another section doesn’t make you less of a person or doesn’t diminish any part of your being, so don’t be afraid to do some exploring to find pieces that best fit you. To quote Wonder’s October 2022 cover star BLASTER, “Damit lang ‘yan (They’re just clothes).” So do away with limits this 2023.  It’s true—men’s jeans have deeper pockets, but sometimes, women’s trousers have better and more flattering tailoring. These facts should encourage you just to cop whatever item speaks to your soul.


Replacing with: Wearing whatever the hell you want


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Your body, your fashion, your clothes and your money. So take this year to explore your style and wear whatever you want. After two years of staying indoors, going out isn’t a luxury anymore. If anything, it’s time to make up for the lost fashion time. Have a monochrome closet? Try color blocking with Viva Magenta. Played it safe all your life? Break style rules and wear clashing prints. Tired of the same old neutrals and basics? It’s not too late to break into maximalism.


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The fashion world is your oyster, and 2023 is a great canvas to do your own thing.



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