2022 Wardrobe Staples To Restock

2022 Wardrobe Staples To Restock

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As our world opens up again, and people start going back to their lives pre-2020, I’ve been thinking about how to reacquaint myself with, well, myself and the rest of the world starting with my wardrobe. My style, literally and figuratively, is straightforward with occasional sartorial notes taken from my favorite editors and style stars on social media. But aside from clothes that I receive from brands to try out and shoot, I haven’t really shopped for clothes in over a year. 


Regrettably, I have a closet of mostly unworn items. I’ve lived in sportswear and oversized shirts for too long that many of the clothes I own either don’t fit me or didn't age well. So as I rebuild and update my wardrobe, I look to foundational, timeless and versatile pieces to start.


Make no mistake, style staples may be basic and pared back but they are never boring. These closet mainstays are likely the pieces you’ll turn to, to ground or pull a look together regardless of seasons and trends. So herewith, a list of wardrobe staples to restock from Love Bonito!


Knit Cropped Top

2022 Wardrobe Staples To Restock

Thorali Knit Crop Top


A soft knit cropped top with a fitted bodice and a V-neckline can easily be worn with a denim mini skirt (perfect for summer!) or tailored trousers. 


Cropped Camisole Top

2022 Wardrobe Staples To Restock

Jaelia Cropped Camisole Top


Never underestimate the power of a good camisole top. Choose one in a straight neckline and cropped fit that hugs the body just right. Pair with virtually anything from your closet.


 Classic Button Down Shirt

2022 Wardrobe Staples To Restock

Mayven Classic Button Down Shirt


A classic. A mandatory addition to your wardrobe. Pick one in a size bigger for an effortless look and in a summer ready color, like khaki.


Laidback Blazer

2022 Wardrobe Staples To Restock

Auria Shawl Collar Blazer


Featuring front patch pockets and padded shoulders, this is the kind of blazer you can take out to weekend brunch or to the office. The best part? There are wrinkle-free options, making this piece easier to wear and maintain.


High-rise Straight Cut Cropped Jeans

2022 Wardrobe Staples To Restock

Aurelie High-Rise Straight Crop Jeans


Jeans are forever. And while there are many styles to choose from, a pair of breathable high-rise pants with a classic straight leg will always get my vote.


High Waist Trousers

2022 Wardrobe Staples To Restock

Morie High Waisted Straight Leg Pants


Uncomplicated, a classic pair of trousers with a thick waist band is both stylish and functional. Wear it with a camisole top and blazer in the day, and just take off the outerwear for a night out on the town.


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These are just some of the pieces I’m sure you’ll love or, at least, help you get your wardrobe back on track. Have your own stylish essentials to add? Let us know in the comments!



Art Matthew Fetalver

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