Past, Meet Present: These ‘90s Handbags Are Making A Huge Comeback

Past, Meet Present: These ‘90s Handbags Are Making A Huge Comeback

Micro mini bags are having a major moment—again



Like it or not, the fashion industry’s insatiable desire to relive the ‘90s won’t be fading away anytime soon. Thoroughly spilling over into 2018, “nostalgic” only continues to trump “new” in these parts. It’s evident in the metallic snap clip barrettes made popular again by the likes of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, plaid co-ords ala Cher Horowitz and Dionne, and all other moments that bring us back to the carefree days of post-retro normcore and camp.


Now nearing the end of 2018, the resurgence of all things 199x shows no signs of stopping, still. And if fashion trends plucked from the runways of spring 2019 are any indication, we’re all looking at an extended throwback to this particular era. The new old trend on the rise? The cult-favorite micro mini bags of the ‘90s––that’s right: teeny-tiny, carry-the-essentials-only handbags are back in vogue.


Past, Meet Present: 90s bags Making A Huge Comeback | Wonder


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For spring, Chanel debuted a shrunken version of the classic quilted leather flap bag, awash in punchy summer colors. The same happened at Louis Vuitton, where smaller versions of the iconic monogram handbag from the ‘90s made an appearance on the runway. Here’s the definitive one: the “it” bag of the decade, the Sam by Kate Spade, also sprung back on the scene, making the micro mini handbag moment official.


Street style stars, meanwhile, have been reiterating this same theme. Short-strap purses, micro top-handle handbags and envelope clutches sported by Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Rihanna and some others only affirm that the trend is well on its way toward mass acceptance once again.


Think you’re down for the downsize, too? Here are some modern-day, miniature adaptations of bags from the ‘90s for your consideration:



Marc Jacobs


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In our book, there’s a reason the high-quality handbag is deemed a good investment. While trends come and go and may point to some fast-fading styles, the true classics in this category, like the Dior saddle bag or Kate Spade Sam, will always stick around. On that note, there’s a high chance you’re even better off shopping your mom’s closet or your grandmother’s and forgo shopping for brand-new if you can. Flaunt hand-me-down vintage pieces that designers today take inspiration from.


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