Beauty on a Budget: Achieve Your Skincare Goals for Less Than P1000


January 20, 2023
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2023 is the year of affordable skincare products



One thing I love about New Year’s resolutions is they don’t have to be grand. In fact, they give you the opportunity to focus on the little things. They can be as simple as taking a walk more often, shortening your screen time or being more consistent with your skincare routine.


Today it's about affordable yet effective products—particularly the ones we’ve discovered from Y.O.U Beauty. Using these products help you invest in yourself without breaking the bank. Nothing costs over P1,000, so you can save money for other priorities. 


You’re probably thinking that it’s too late to make resolutions since we welcomed the new year weeks ago. To that, I say: Each day's a new beginning! Here are the things you need for a brighter, better, beautiful 2023.


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Y.O.U Triple UV Elixir Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++++ (P291)

Undeniably, the existence of computers and smartphones have made a lot of things easier for us. The downside? They expose us to UVA, UVB and blue light—all of which are harmful and damaging to the skin. As a technology-dependent society, we can counter this by using sunscreen every day. With a lightweight, cooling and fast-absorbing one like the Triple UV Elixir Sunscreen, sticking to this resolution won’t be hard.


Shop the Y.O.U Triple UV Elixir Sunscreen on Shopee.


Y.O.U Radiance Up! Antioxidant Serum (P784)

I’m sure there are times you’ve rushed your skincare routine because you want to lie down on your bed ASAP. But spending an extra five minutes for  skincare is part of investing in ourselves. A quick resolution is adding in a face massage. Not only does it help you spend more time in solitude, but it also relaxes your facial muscles. For that, try the Radiance Up! Antioxidant Serum, which can lighten dark spots and make the skin glow thanks to vitamin C and niacinamide. Use it with your favorite tool like a gua sha or cryo-sticks.


Shop the Y.O.U Radiance Up! Antioxidant Serum on Shopee.


Y.O.U Advanced Youth Recharging Peptide Eye Cream (P686)

The earliest symptoms of aging are often seen around the eyes. This delicate area contains thin skin, which is more likely to develop fine lines, dullness and puffiness. Let’s not age faster than we’re supposed to! Charged with caffeine and Plantide X, the Advanced Youth Recharging Peptide Eye Cream can help take care of this concern as it makes the eye area more firm and bright. One more thing to love about it: the ceramic applicator makes it more gentle.


Shop the Y.O.U Advanced Youth Recharging Peptide Eye Cream on Shopee.


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Y.O.U Biomecera Advanced Booster Serum (P644)

It's important to bring attention to the importance of a healthy skin barrier (AKA the outermost layer of your skin), too. A damaged skin barrier is more likely to reject the products you apply, no matter how amazing they are. Fortified with ceramides, the Biomecera Advanced Booster Serum can help keep this layer healthy and hydrated—making your whole routine more effective!


Shop the Y.O.U Biomecera Advanced Booster Serum on Shopee.


Y.O.U Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream (P784)

We know, the Philippines is a hot country, so there are days when a moisturizer feels too heavy—but sometimes it's a matter of the product and not the environment. The Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream is non-greasy and it contains ceramide 1-3-6 to lock in moisture and vitamin C to brighten skin effectively. A moisturizer keeps the skin balanced, so it’s a must for all skin types (yes, that includes oily skin).


Shop the Y.O.U Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream on Shopee.


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Planning your resolutions is only the start. With dedication and consistency, you’ll achieve them in no time. Do it for Y.O.U!


Y.O.U Beauty is available online through the brand’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada. For updates, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.



Photos Y.O.U Beauty

Words Kyla Villena

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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