Style Science: The All-Natural Skincare Swap

Style Science: The All-Natural Skincare Swap

Would you swap out your tried and tested beauty routine for all-natural substitutes? One vlogger takes on the challenge



Big-name skincare brands have long dominated the beauty game. We admit, we’re fans, too. After all, saying no to a product so gorgeously packaged and so trusted by so many is difficult to say the least.


But behind the Instagrammable labels and cult fave status of most of the most celebrated skincare products lie long lists of chemical components. Flip the bottle of your favorite mass-produced skin solution and you’ll see what we mean. Hey, if it works, it works––we won’t deny that. But instead of soaking our faces in products made out of ingredients we can’t even pronounce, why not choose to take the course less chartered: that of all-natural, all-local beauty?


This curiosity was the force that drove Wonder to produce the third installment of Style Science, our first-ever web series. This time, we don’t just zero in on beauty, we make a challenge of it. Mustering up the bravery to part with her usual skincare routine, vlogger and professional host Adi Amor swaps the products she knows and loves for all-natural, locally produced substitutes. The results? Well, you’ll just have to find out.


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Art Alexandra Lara

Talent Adi Amor

Director Kevin Mayuga

Producer Bea Bermundo

Production Manager Mikki Garcia

Videographer Dareen Baylon

Videography Assistant Julius Orendain

Audio Tech Felizardo Anastacio


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