Anthony Ramirez Celebrates 15 Years of Bold, Unapologetic Glamour

Anthony Ramirez Celebrates 15 Years of Bold, Unapologetic Glamour

Beloved couturier Anthony Ramirez marks his 15th year in fashion with a fabulous eveningwear collection



Anthony Ramirez loves designing clothes—no, scratch that. Through designing clothes, he loves to evoke emotion.


“I wanted to make a statement that this collection is not just a parade of garments on a runway,” the self-taught and self-made couturier says. “Emotions were a significant wellspring of inspiration; it’s one of my many core inspirations.”


It’s no wonder then that Ramirez remains a top fashion designer for the celebrity set. Devoted fans such as Nadine Lustre, Vice Ganda and even Mayor Abby Binay consistently wear his designs not just because of his impeccable taste and flawless cuts, but for his ability to make you feel.


Anthony Ramirez is a master at wielding drama to evoke emotion

So it was fitting that to celebrate his 15 years in the fashion industry, Ramirez would name his Spring/Summer 2024 collection a Symphony of Feelings. “With each collection, I seek to capture the essence of my own emotions and connect with the feelings of those who wear my designs,” he shares. “With this collection, I hoped to create a symphony of feelings that resonate with every woman.”


And my, what a symphony of feelings indeed. As the violin crescendo of The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony soared and filled the air, Manila’s top models descended down the pristine grand staircase all decked out in the most opulent, jaw-dropping confections. Ramirez has a flair for drama, after all—swooping trains trailed behind gowns the color of vibrant jewels, lustrous silks were twisted into bias-cut dresses, and rhinestoned bodices sparkled.


Bold, vibrant jewel tones punctuated the runway


Anthony Ramirez designs for a confident woman who not only attracts attention but demands it. She loves turning heads every time she enters the room, and she won’t apologize for it. She’ll always choose to make a splash in lieu of observing outdated style rules—it’s always bold, unapologetic exuberance over timid restraint.


“I aspire to empower, to uplift and to instill a sense of pride and confidence,” says Ramirez about his design ethos. At the heart of it, he dresses power women—and in this instance, “power” means fully leaning into a sultry, femme-fatale glamour.


Throughout the collection, you’ll see his meticulous attention to detail. A skirt made out of several metallic paillettes moved beautifully and shimmered every time it caught the light. A taffeta oversized clutch extended into a dramatic evening wrap. Tasteful neutrals were punctuated by eye-searing hues of fuchsia, marigold and cobalt because the Anthony Ramirez woman knows how to wield the power of color.


Ramirez doesn’t shy away from utilizing sex appeal


He doesn’t shy away from the sexy, too. Backs plunged, slits rose and choice cutouts revealed—in the most tasteful way, of course. A black velvet gown accentuated hourglass curves and hugged the body, which was made even more alluring with sheer mesh panels. Smart evening skirts were paired with sequined button-down blouses, which were unbuttoned all the way down to the navel.


And then there were the men’s suits. Boxy and oversized, his languid and flowy take on tailoring felt very David Byrne in the best way possible. This luxurious approach to suiting extended to the women’s side, too, with some standout suits featuring sharp corset detailing.


The new tailoring is boxy, oversized and luxuriously languid


This attitude of no-holds-barred indulgence in luxury and opulence culminates in the collection’s grand finale: a bra composed entirely of diamonds valued at P20 million designed in collaboration with Vierra Jewelry.



It was very fitting then that through his symphony of feelings, Anthony Ramirez celebrated 15 years of dressing bold, glamorous women by unveiling his boldest and most glamorous collection yet.


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Words Jer Capacillo

Art Macky Arquilla

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