r.e.m. beauty by Ariana Grande Drops “Chapter One”

Ariana Grande Launches Her Beauty Line r.e.m. beauty


November 16, 2021
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Meet “Chapter One: Ultraviolet” 



Since fans picked up on the trademark filing for “R.E.M. Beauty” in late August, Arianators along with the rest of the internet have closely watched Ariana Grande’s next moves for hints about her first-ever beauty line. What products? How extensive? Will it live up to the hype? Now that r.e.m. beauty has officially lifted off, it’s time to get answers.


The first release, called Chapter One: Ultraviolet, went live on rembeauty.com on November 12, featuring 13 products. With a key focus on eyes, lips and getting a next-level highlight, Grande made sure to take what’s in her beauty wheelhouse and elevate it further with r.e.m. beauty.



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Chapter One is where Grande’s Break Free and God is a woman eras collide, a time she established, somewhere in between, her signature beauty look: dynamic neutrals on the eyes with a fun cut crease. A dramatic, pronounced cat-eye. Full lashes. A plump, glossy lip. With r.e.m. beauty, Grande’s trademark beauty looks are achievable with a ton of wiggle room for color play and experimentation.


Here’s the full breakdown of Chapter One: For eyes, there are three iterations of an eyeshadow palette, one eyeliner marker in black, a kohl eyeliner pencil in three neutral shades, a matte liquid eyeshadow in 10 shades, a lustrous liquid eyeshadow in 11 shades, a lengthening mascara, a volumizing mascara and two types of dream lashes. For lips, there’s a matte lipstick that comes in six shades, a plumping lip gloss in nine shades, a lip stain marker in four shades and a clear plumping lip gloss. Lastly, there’s the highlighter topper, which comes in 10 dynamic shades and works great as a multi-use product.


The full line was also made with FORMA Brands, the beauty brand incubator behind Morphe, Lipstick Queen and Jaclyn Cosmetics, a testament to the kind of color payoff and quality buyers can expect.



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The space-age creatives and fun packaging both point to the idea of “vivid dreams” and “limitless possibilities.” But these fun trimmings aside, it’s fairly obvious that Grande came into the project with meticulous dedication when it came to the products themselves.


Speaking to ELLE, Grande shared that all the products were tested, reworked and perfected while on her world tour. “We were doing shows and finishing the tour and were able to test the highlight on stage and then make notes on the formula,” she says. “It’s been such a long road…going into the labs and trying everything and coming up with names.”


The artist also used her TV appearances on The Voice as a way to test the collection. “I wear them all the time to work. I wear them on TV,” she continues to tell ELLE. “I’m always wearing the marker and the lip. And everyone asks, ‘What are you wearing?’ And I’m like, I don’t know, so this is exciting to finally be able to say [r.e.m. beauty]. It’s been really cool to secretly test and see them on TV.”



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Chapter One: Ultraviolet by r.e.m. beauty is just one of the four chapters teased by Ariana Grande. Shop the collection on rembeauty.com. Prices range from $15 to $24.



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