Artefino 2018: A Shopping Guide

Artefino 2018: A Shopping Guide

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Pinoy pride, like some omnipresent, shapeshifting creature, takes on many forms. For the quintessential tita, it’s sharing any news tidbit that lauds a kababayan for their singing prowess or academic genius. For many a Facebook-equipped grandparent, it’s commenting on said posts with sentiments like “Iba talaga ang Pinoy” or something to that effect. For the intentional shopper or the believer in local talent (something all of us should strive to become, really) it can be as simple—and stylish—as wearing it. In other words, you should absolutely be heading to Artefino this year, no excuses. 


In case you haven’t heard of Artefino, allow us to give you a quick run-down. On the surface, it’s an annual crafts fair, but really? It’s so much more than that. It is a celebration of local workmanship and talent. A sense of artistry and nationalism is poured into every ware sold, every seam stitched and stroke painted. This year’s roster brings together some of the country’s most talented creators, brands and designers. To send you in all prepped and ready to do your shopping, we’ve curated and culled a list to guide you through this year’s Artefino.


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Gabbie Sarenas

Gabbie Sarenas' Instagram bio reads, “A love letter to the Philippines.” Riddled with a sense of romance and nostalgia, these words may just be the perfect way to describe the proudly homegrown brand. This year at Artefino, you can expect to see Gabbie's piña bibs. Easily secured below the arm and perfect on its own or as a second layer, the versatile piece offers an entry point for those who would like to wear local on the daily.


Lokal Home + Art + Fashion

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The brainchild of two creative forces, Lokal Home Art Fashion is wearable art at its finest. Hand-painted motifs adorn clothing classics like denim jackets, wrap skirts and shirt dresses. This might just be the statement piece you've long been looking for.


Pinka Winka

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Looking through Pinka Winka's Instagram account feels like peeking into our childhood. Akin to a Lisa Frank stationery set, this brand amps up the typical denim jacket with color and punchy details, reminding us that fashion doesn't always have to be taken too seriously.



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Reaching deep into our dreamscapes, Halohalo turns the island life all of us dream of into a reality. Take home an oversized tote or a masterfully stitched pillow for a slice of paradise in the city.


The Leather Studio

Two art forms—basket weaving and leather stitching—come together and mingle in the The Leather Studio's Likaw collection. Proudly homegrown, each of these bags is crafted out of 100% cowhide leather and is hand-cut and hand-sewn by Filipino women artisans.


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It's time we introduce our Pinoy pride to our closets and homes, and Artefino is the perfect place to do so. Drop by from August 30 to September 2 at 8 Rockwell!



Header Image via Gabbie Sarenas

Art Alexandra Lara

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