New Year, New Skin: Skincare Habits to Leave Behind and Incorporate Into Your Routine

New Year, New Skin: Skincare Habits to Leave Behind and Incorporate Into Your Routine

Slugging and menstrual masking? Pass! Here are skincare habits to leave behind in 2023 (and what to replace them with)



In 2022, slugging was the controversial skincare trend that dominated our feeds. Everyone and their mother started slathering petroleum-based products on their face (e.g. Vaseline) as the last step of their nighttime skincare habits to seal in moisture.


Though it has some merits, especially for dry skin during cooler months, some dermatologists prefer “selective slugging.” Rather than piling non-comedogenic petroleum-based products all over your face, just use them on parts of your skin that need them. Oily and acne-prone skin, specifically, will get more sensitized because of occlusion, which will inevitably cause breakouts. And if you have milia, it’s best to let this trend go! #answer to @kristen81608 Confused about slugging? A derm debunks common myths 🧴 @vaselinebrand #Vaseline #Vaselinepartner #slugging #ad #dermatologist #dermatologydoctor #skincareroutine #skintok #skincare #skincaretips #learnontiktok #foryou #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – Dr Adel | Dermatology Doctor


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As Filipinos, we also have one-of-a-kind superstitions to treat acne, like wiping period blood on your face AKA “menstrual masking.” The world has caught on, with “period face mask” garnering 6.4 billion views on TikTok. Many professionals have already debunked this pamahiin, given this can transmit bacteria and viruses from your genital region onto your face.


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Don’t even get me started on using toothpaste to treat acne! Not only will it irritate your skin barrier, but it can easily trigger sores and chemical burns.


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TBH, skincare trends should always be approached with caution. If you’re looking to forego habits you’ve formed in the past year, here are new practices to incorporate into your routine:


Introduce a face massage

Do you even facelift, sis? Don't limit your active lifestyle by only sticking to a workout. Complement your skincare routine with regular facial exercise. This benefits skin by promoting collagen production and stimulating skin cell regeneration to, ultimately, prevent early signs of aging.


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Try upgrading your routine with tools from beauty platform The Collective like the bestselling gua sha and cryo-sticks. Don’t have a fancy face tool? No problem! According to The Body Clinic Skin Care, an esthetician on TikTok, you can DIY your own anti-aging massage by using your fingers and doing a few face exercises. In the long run, it gives skin a slight lifting effect.


Switch your detergent to help with maskne

The occasional maskne is inevitable, but there’s one hack you may not have considered to curb it: swapping laundry detergent. Many are formulated with fragrance, which is a common skin irritant. It’s highly recommended to switch to a more sensitive, skin-friendly or dermatologist-approved variant to help prevent pesky breakouts.


Apply hydrocolloid bandages to acne

Speaking of maskne, applying hydrocolloid bandages to breakouts may actually heal it faster. With an insulated healing environment, excess fluid gets absorbed, making it an ideal treatment for superficial acne. This protective shield also stops you from picking on it!


Apply skincare products to damp skin

You may want to hold off using a towel to dry your face upon post-cleanse. Maximize the effects of your skincare products by applying them on damp skin. Board-certified dermatologist, Angelo Landriscina AKA “Skinfather” believes that towel-drying one’s face is one of the biggest mistakes people make. This easy step can actually make all the difference!


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Here’s to a new year of bettering your skincare habits with these newfound beauty hacks!



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