Your Guide to Balancing Maximalism for Everyday Wear

Your Guide to Balancing Maximalism for Everyday Wear

Balancing maximalism is a battle between the creative and the chaotic. But we’ve got tricks up our ruffled sleeves to help you build looks for casual days



The “more is more” philosophy is a trend that is continuously resurfacing, especially in this day and age of dopamine dressing. As fun as it is to show up in eccentric outfits, it’s not the most comfortable for casual wear, but there are ways to look like a maximalist without exerting so much effort hours before stepping out of the door.


It is possible to look excessive without sacrificing comfort and practicality. We’ve got a list of tips on how to show up for casual occasions while sporting the boundless trend.


From Heart Evangelista’s effortless style choices to Kim Jones’ creative genius, we’ve collected a lineup of looks for your next outfit inspiration:


Monotone hues

Tone down the extravaganza of any look by going monotone.  No matter what you’re wearing, monochromatic colors from head-to-toe will always make you look put together without trying too hard. It’s also the best-kept secret for looking taller than usual. Experiment with texture and different tones for a fun twist!



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Playful prints

Mixing prints and patterns is a bold statement not everyone is into. But the best way to tone down the look is by incorporating different size patterns with a blend of black and white hues. Create contrast between simple and complex patterns for visual balance.



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It’s a trial-and-error process with this one. The best way to do it is to try everything and remove items as you go along.


Texture & silhouettes

Playing with textures and silhouettes makes a look more fun, even if you’re wearing less. With a trend that is all about “more is more,” it’s possible to still look “extra” with a simple statement piece with a ton of texture. Pair it with another stand-out item, and you’ve got yourself a look!



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It’s the perfect recipe for any event where you want to show up in a unique ensemble without drawing too much attention.


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Iris Apfel is the blueprint

You might’ve missed the Iris Apfel x H&M collection, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from the queen of maximalism herself. When in doubt, take a look at Apfel’s wardrobe for quirky clothing inspiration. After all, no one does it better than the mother of all interior design and fashion icons.



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Take a page from Apfel’s book of eccentric pant suits for workdays and formal gatherings.


Colorful co-ords

If you have a hard time pairing items, go for co-ords instead! You can easily build on co-ords to add more flair without too much work. Purchase a pair with color and patterns to achieve the same maximalist effect without the need to rummage through your closet for things that match.



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The best part about co-ords is that they come in different styles and silhouettes, which makes them versatile for any season or occasion.


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Go forth and prosper in polished yet playful looks. It’s time to take out your best statement pieces and create that look that screams you and maximalism!



Words Marga Sibug

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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