Reading Curates 3 Basic Routines for Guy Skin Curates 3 Basic Routines for Guy Skin

Fellas, here are three simple, three-step regimens for your consideration



While the worlds of fashion and beauty are closely linked, they’re more like a pair of beautiful, expressive sisters than identical twins. While a passion for one is often tailed by a fascination in the other, interest doesn’t necessarily equate to mastery. Knowing designers and RTW collections doesn’t mean knowing skincare brands and ingredients, and as someone who has transitioned to writing more beauty-centric content after primarily writing about fashion for the better part of four years, I find myself in awe of anyone who can make a sexy, knowledgeable flex in both realms.


Case in point: JL Crespo. With editorials and brand campaigns under his belt, JL has been cementing his reputation as a stylist in his very early twenties. For around a year now, though, he’s been pouring himself into a passion project that doesn’t revolve around clothes.


At surface level, a skincare-focused Instagram might not seem all that lucrative a hobby. When people already know how products look and see magazines and vloggers do their reviews, what more can an Instagram account give you?


JL’s 5,200 followers on the ‘gram will probably answer: (a) straightforward product reviews, (b) new brands to discover or (c) curation so pretty it could probably make someone cry. JL has all these down pat, and they all add up to the online persona that is


Formerly, JL made an apt username swap just last month. When asked about his motivation behind the switch, he didn’t beat around the bush. “There’s not really a lot of male representation in the skincare and beauty community, and the username is the first thing that people will notice when they find me. I figured why not just put guy on it since you know, I’m a guy,” he says. As a man with an open interest in skincare, JL would know the imbalance of representation best––although even from the outset, the tilt is pretty clear. We’ve done our fair share of articles about men’s beauty, and when we unpacked the importance of a trusty, tried and tested regimen, we were thrown back questions from male readers and their significant others. What about skippable steps? And what of affordable alternatives to an editor’s arsenal of balms and creams?


Well, is there really anyone better to ask about guy skin than Ahead, three basic routines for the most common skin types. All below P1300, all available locally. 


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DRY Curates 3 Basic Routines for Guy Skin Curates 3 Basic Routines for Guy Skin Curates 3 Basic Routines for Guy Skin


KRAVE BEAUTY Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser, P1250

An antioxidant cleanser that keeps the skin barrier at tip-top shape. Lifts everything your skin hates, leaving just what it needs: healthy pH, hydration, and no irritation! Read JL’s review here.


INNISFREE The Green Tea Seed Serum, P1090

A good first step after cleansing, this helps the skin retain moisture with Fresh Green Tea Water. Enhances the suppleness and health of dry skin. Read JL’s review here.


iUNIK Beta-Glucan Daily Moisture Cream, P824

Improves your skin barrier with beta-glucan, a natural moisturizer from mushrooms. Soothes, calms, and protects the skin with Centella Asiatica extract.


COMBINATION Curates 3 Basic Routines for Guy Skin Curates 3 Basic Routines for Guy Skin Curates 3 Basic Routines for Guy Skin


IN HER ELEMENT Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser, P375/P675

Contains active botanical ingredients that helps brighten the skin. Lather just the right amount and smells absolutely beautiful! Read JL’s review here.


DEAR, KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Unscented Toner, P1150

The fragrance-free and oil-free version of the cult favorite toner from Dear, Klairs, for those with more sensitive skin. Featuring hyaluronic acid and plant-based extracts such as licorice and centella asiatica, this moisturizing toner nourishes the skin and keeps it plump and balanced.


COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Power Essence, P980

I know snail mucin might be odd to some of you, but this essence penetrates deep under the skin to fight damage, giving you revilatized skin. Read JL’s review here.


OILY Curates 3 Basic Routines for Guy Skin Curates 3 Basic Routines for Guy Skin Curates 3 Basic Routines for Guy Skin


COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, P540

This has tea tree oil as one of its main ingredients that is great for fighting acne, BHA also helps clean excess sebum.


THAYERS Witch Hazel Toner, P695 (available at Healthy Options)

A good basic toner to prep that cleans and conditions, also alcohol-free so it doesn’t dry out your skin. The Rose Petal variant is my fave, it smells amazing! Read JL’s review here.


COSRX Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion, P1040

To everyone out there who doesn’t moisturize because they have oily skin, that’s a big no-no. Loss of moisture will cause an increase in oil production which will then lead to your skin looking oilier. This lotion will repair damaged skin and enhance your skin tone and texture while leaving you with a smooth finish.


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Wait a second––wasn't this article about guy skin? Where are the “guy” products? 


The bigger question might be, why is there a divide between what guys, gals and everyone in between should be using anyway? As long as a product works, it doesn't really matter what color its packaging is. While more tailored solutions would be needed to address specific skin concerns, these basic three-step routines are a good place to start in the skincare game.



Follow JL on Instagram at to keep up with his latest product reviews (but don't blame us if your skincare budget starts to grow exponentially)!



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