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Treat Yo’ Self (and a Frontliner!): Do Self-Care Right with Beauty Bar

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Caring for yourself and caring for others *can* be synonymous



Congratulations, you’ve made it to June. We’re officially halfway through the 2020 whirlwind—and while we wouldn’t normally find cause to celebrate this, lately we’ve found solace in the knowledge that every small win is still a win. We won’t lie: it hasn’t been easy to cope with recent events. But in the middle of advocating for social justice, attempting to stay productive and simply surviving, we could do with rewarding ourselves a little.


Beauty Bar makes the gratification easy with their online site. With a selection of local and international brands like Pili Beauty, Lululun, One Earth Organics and Burt’s Bees, Beauty Bar has got you and your skincare, makeup and body care needs covered. Ahead, we spotlight a few of our favorites that ought to make it to your shopping cart.


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PILI BEAUTY Natural Essential Oil Blends, P375 each


ONE EARTH ORGANICS Anti-Bacterial Whitening Deo Spray, P352



PILI BEAUTY Deep Detox Volcanic Ash Set, P530



LULULUN Precious Anti-Aging Intensive Moisture and Wrinkle Care Face Mask (7 Day Pack), P350



BURT’S BEES Lip Crayon in Sedona Sands, P695




Taking self-care beyond the self, Beauty Bar’s Beauty Bar Together campaign makes the shopping experience more meaningful. Showing appreciation for the medical frontliners on the field, Beauty Bar and their partner brands Pili Beauty, Nuxe, Lululun, One Earth Organics, In Her Element and Burt’s Bees are donating self-care kits to frontliners through online donations. 



While picking up a few things for yourself on their website, simply hit the Donate button to make a pledge! Every P250 donation goes toward one appreciation kit.



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Check out Beauty Bar’s website for more deals and beauty finds from local and international brands!



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