These Beauty Brands & Boutiques Are Helping Out During the Pandemic

These Beauty Brands & Boutiques Are Helping Out During the Pandemic

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At the risk of sounding like a parent sticking their nose into their adult offspring’s business, I’ve tried thrice to write an introduction to this story only to come circling back to the same opening question: What are you doing with your money?


As if we weren’t already riddled with questions, the coronavirus situation has signaled a fresh wave of introspection. How have your spending habits shifted in the past four weeks? For those of us in Luzon and affected by the enhanced community quarantine, have your funds been reallocated solely to the weekly supermarket run? Is food delivery still on the table? Do you still shop? For those residing elsewhere, how has the virus’ amplified presence affected you financially? 


These lingering questions and the fact that we can spare the time and mental space to even ask them puts us in an immediate position of privilege. Because we can afford to keep ourselves afloat, shouldn’t we help others do the same? Now that the line demarcating rich and poor has been drawn over in an angry, red, coronavirus-shaped stroke, should treating ourselves even be an option? We’re at a difficult intersection.


I’m lucky enough to earn my keep while working from home and this knowledge has pushed me to donate to a number of causes. To share. To tip generously. It isn’t much, but it’s something. Despite that, I find myself conflicted. Suddenly talking about and spending on beauty, which has always been a preferred escape route, isn’t as easy.


Thankfully, the beauty realm has stepped up to the plate, doing what it can to ease the pains of the pandemic. Globally, brands have made big moves. Unilever pledged a $20 million donation for food and hygiene supplies. L’Oreal donated $720,000. Farmacy is providing meals, Soko Glam and Murad are donating a percentage of profits. Even LVMH has begun pumping out hand sanitizers—packaged in Christian Dior soap bottles, no less—in order to address the shortage in France. 



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While brands may not be equipped to make multi-million dollar donations on the local scale, a number of homegrown beauty labels and Philippine-based web stores have made moves of their own.


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Moone Beauty

It hasn’t been long since Moone Beauty launched, but the brand has leaped head-first into helping out. Moone is pledging 50% of the proceeds from their limited edition sets for the benefit of Philippine Red Cross and Project Pearls. Set 1 (P698) includes their Glowgasm highlighter in two shades, Set 2 (P948) includes one Glowgasm highlighter and one Glow Bomb body oil, Set 3 (P1,198) includes Glow Bomb in two shades and the Ultimate Glow Starter Pack includes all Glowgasm and Glow Bomb shades for P1,896.



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All pre-orders will be shipped after the lifting of the extended community quarantine. Send in a pre-order by shooting Moone Beauty a DM on Instagram!


Bloom & Topiary

Natural skincare and body oil enthusiasts fell in love with Bloom & Topiary when it launched last year. In the time of the quarantine, we’re given a whole new reason to love the brand. Reminding us to keep our hands clean to steer clear of the virus, they’re throwing in a bottle of hand gel for every order made on their website.



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Get your fix of honest, simple, sincere skincare over on Bloom & Topiary’s official site!



As many a Filipino’s first introduction to the world of purple shampoo, we have something of a soft spot for homegrown haircare brand, BeachBorn. While the brand hasn’t publicly pledged profits for donation, they’ve partnered up with Bloggers United to pool funds for the benefit of the most vulnerable pockets of society during the pandemic. 


Check out their Instagram story highlight for a peek at who they’ve helped so far!


Today’s Skin

When we did a round-up of websites to purchase cult skincare faves from, Today’s Skin reigned supreme when it came to price and product offerings for The Ordinary. Using their strength to their advantage, Today’s Skin is donating 20% of their profits from The Ordinary products to Ospital ng Tondo. An alternative for folks who might not favor The Ordinary: donation vouchers in P50, P100 and P500 increments. Use the code TSDONATE before checkout to omit shipping fees!



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Fill your cart and hit check out on Today’s Skin’s website!



Online beauty boutique Calyxta, which houses the most impressive online offering of Glossier products locally, is also making donation vouchers available to their shoppers. In partnership with ABS-CBN's Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Concordia Children's Services, Project Smile and Sagip Buhay, Calyxta is offering vouchers worth P100 to P5,000. In exchange, shoppers receive Calyxta reward points that can be exchanged for a select assortment of products.



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Pick out a donation voucher of your choice here!


Zalora Philippines

On top of being one of the large-scale online retailers still accepting and delivering orders during the enhanced community quarantine, Zalora Philippines is using their platform for an e-Donation drive. In an effort to reduce the threat of COVID-19, Zalora’s initiative benefits the frontliners by providing medical supplies to Philippine Red Cross, as well as the underprivileged via food packs and sanitation kits from Caritas Manila and World Vision.



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Click through to donate and take part in Zalora Philippines’ fight against the COVID19 pandemic.



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Other local beauty and lifestyle brands that have made efforts to combat the effects of the coronavirus include Sundays Moderne Beauty, who donated 100% of their proceeds from March 22 to April 2 to the Kaya Natin! Movement; Colourette Cosmetics, whose limited edition set of mini Colourtints helped fund frontliners; and Saan Saan, who resumed online operations to help fund movements supporting healthcare workers and less fortunate families. 


It seems there’s no correct answer to coping with the pandemic, but perhaps supporting local businesses, their workers and the most vulnerable is the closest we can get. Maybe we’re just looking for justification to shop, to feel a splash of normalcy again. Who knows, really? What I do know for certain is this: It’s much easier to commit to hitting the checkout button when I know my purchases can mean something to someone else, too.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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