Wearing This, Only This: Three Beauty Essentials for this Damn Weather

Wearing This, Only This: Three Beauty Essentials for this Damn Weather

Because when temperatures go up, the number of products we pile on goes down



Welcome to the Philippines, the land of sun, sea and a weather pattern that seems all too eager to mess with our outfits and beauty routines. Over the past couple of months, our country has developed an on-again-off-again flirtation with 40-something degree weather. These days, we’ve been dancing closer to the 30’s line (thankfully), but when winds are nowhere to be found and humidity is in full force, nothing sounds better than staying indoors, blasting the AC and keeping makeup that will inevitably oil up and turn patchy to a bare minimum.


We can’t do much about the weather or the temptations posed by your air conditioner, but that last bit about beauty products? We’ll gladly chime in.


We’ll let you in on a secret: we’ve found a go-anywhere trifecta of products perfect for essentially any weather shifts our unpredictable skies bring. Here, we introduce you to the only three staples you’ll really need to keep handy.


Dr. Pawpaw Multi-Purpose Balm

Dr Pawpaw_Peach Dr Pawpaw_Original Dr Pawpaw_Red

PAWPAW Multi-Purpose Balm, P575


Chances are you’ve already heard of this little tube of magic. Celebrities have raved about it and with good reason: as far as multi-purpose products go, this is as good as it gets. Dr. Pawpaw can be used pretty much everywhere: on the lips for a hefty punch of moisture, on cuticles and cracked skin as a hydrating balm, on hair for a little shine, on brows as a makeshift gel and arguably our favorite way to use it on the eyes to recreate that glossy eyelid look that always returns to the runways without fail. The original balm is unscented and free of color. Try the Peach Pink variant if you’re looking for a subtle color to complement any skin tone or the Ultimate Red Balm for a punchier shade.


Full Brow 24 Hour Brow Smudge

Full Brow_Brow Smudge Full Brow_Brow Smudge Tip

FULL BROW 24 Hour Brow Smudge, P795


If your brow routine has more than three separate products involved, it’s high time to switch things up. Different strokes for different folks, but what’s the point if you’re near drenched in your own sweat by the time you perfect those arches? Keep things nice, simple and completely budge-proof with a color-dense brow pigment.


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Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

NYM_Dry Shampoo

NOT YOUR MOTHER’S Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo, P550


Cold showers are curative especially in high-temperature situations, but not everyone has the luxury of going the whole nine yards of shampooing and conditioning their tresses every morning and night. A must-have when you’re short on time and when the heat drives your hair to be oilier than expected, this dry shampoo gives second-day hair renewed volume. Oh, and let’s not forget the scent: think fresh, just-out-of-the-shower goodness. Trust us, it’s glorious.


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The best part? All these are stocked locally and available online on Beauty Bar’s site. The only thing between you and your all-weather essentials are a few clicks.



Art Alexandra Lara


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